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[Fanfiction] Always Remember

100 SuJu Fiction Challenge - Archive

Always Remember
Theme: 079. The Same Old Thing, Eeteuk/Yesung
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yewook, friendship!YeTeuk
Raiting: PG
Genre: angst
Warning: Caracther dead
Word Count: 414
Summary: After two years Yesung would still go to that place. To watch that chair. And to feel his pain again.

It was already 8PM and Teuk watched from the couch Yesung left from the front door. Teuk sighed tiredly, it had passed already two years and the man would still do that. Outside of the apartment that Teuk and Yesung shared, the second man took a long breathe and continued to walk to the elevator and go down in the first floor of the building. It was making two years in that night so Yesung was almost running.

Yesung, I want that you live with Teuk after... After this night. He will take care of you.

Yesung soon reached where he wanted, where he always would go every day at that exactly hour. The coffee wasn't full, either empty, so Yesung sat on that specific table. All day that table would be reserved to Yesung, and only him. The people who worked there all knew about Yesung's situation and past, so when he entered there, a simple glass of wine was put in his front, the same wine, all the days, since two years before.

Yesung... I think is happening.

Yesung regreted himself. Everyday of his life he would feel the same pain, the same feeling. The feeling of lost. And it had passed two years in that right moment. What could happen next?

I want that you forget me.

Yesung couldn't. He was drinking the glass of the drink slowly, letting the alcohol make a trace of pain in his throat. But it didn't dispel his heart's pain. And he knew that this was impossible.

I want that you be happy.

But how could Yesung be happy now? While drinking wine looking to that chair. That one that his lover had sat for the last time. Two years ago.

It hurts Yesung.

How much Yesung wanted to had make his pain go away. But now he is being consumed by his own. He is living without his lover, does exist a pain worst than this?

Sorry Yesung, I didn't want to make you suffer.

"It wasn't your fault, love." Yesung whispered looking to where Ryeowook would be sat. "It wasn't your fault."

I love you Yesung. I just wish that you remember of this.

"It wasn't your fault to die in my arms." Yesung was still whispering remembering of the last words of Ryeowook. "It wasn't your fault make me love you. It wasn't your fault have a brain cancer and just die in this restaurant... In this exactly chair... Two years ago."


AN: sorry for killing Ryeowook once again e_e i couldn't help ): special apolozies to mi_nnie ):

my vacations are making me write so much fictions XD
Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: angst, !pairing: yewook
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