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[Fanfiction] The Reason Is Always You (1/?)

Title: The Reason is Always You (1/?)
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Eunhae (main) mentions of Kyumin and Yewook
Raiting: PG13, for now
Genre: mpreg, drama, romance, angst, AU!school
Summary: Hyukjae and Donghae had a fight back in some years making they don't talk with each other again and only one night could change this situation.

AN: back in the last year lee_jinki asked me a mpreg chaptered eunhae, here it is ^-^

They had twelve years and it was their first travel with school. In the bus the kids were super happy jumping, laughing and making noises. In some sits it could be seen Yesung taking care of a cry Ryeowook who was scare of where they would be going. Behind Kyuhyun was playing his Starcraft while Sungmin was playing with a pink plush bunny pushing it to Kyuhyun's shoulder who wasn't caring. And behind the two were Donghae and Hyukjae. The boys were playing and laughing together. One smiling to each other and feeling happy.

The bus stopped in front of a big museum. None of the kids were happy to be there, they were waiting something more, but Donghae and Hyukjae were one running to get the other. The two kids were reprimanded by the teacher and then stopped together with Yesung, Ryeowook, Sungmin and Kyuhyun, they were the worst group, when about mess, to any teacher.

The six boys followed their teacher who was showing some skeletons of dinossaurs and behind the group were Jessica and Yuri who were with their eyes in the boys, Jessica's burning in Donghae's back.

"I love him Yuri." Jessica sighed to her friend.

"Donghae? You didn't give up of him yet?" Yuri said with her eyes burning of jealousy to Ryeowook who was being hold tightly in the waist by Yesung. "I'm already giving up of Yesung after he refused me."

"I still like him and today I'll do something, you'll see."

"Teacher?" Donghae could be heard, he noticed that his friend didn't come from the bathroom yet and decided to find him. "Can I go to the bathroom?"

"Of course Donghae, we are going to the cafeteria after." the teacher said.

"Teacher? I want to go to the bathroom too." Jessica said and then followed Donghae when the teacher nodded to the girl, the boy not noticing the girl beside him.

"Hi Donghae." she said getting close to the boy.

"Oh. Hi Sica." Donghae smiled to the girl and looked away finding the bathroom.

"You know Hae." Jessica started taking Donghae's hand not allowing the boy enter in the bathroom and taking the boy's chin with a hand. "You are very handsome and I like a lot of you."

"Thanks Sica." the boy smiled innocently just accepting when Jessica got close to his face and touched his lips with her's quickly. "Why did you do that?" the boy asked confused soon that she pulled away.

"Because I'm a girl and you a boy and you could be my boyfriend." she smiled.

"But I don't like you." Donghae said taking his hand off of her.


"No Sica." he said letting the girl, who ran crying to the corridor where the other childrens were, and entered in the bathroom where a boy was stand in front of a sink. "Hi Hyuk." Hyukjae didn't say nothing and didn't move either, he was just there looking to the mirror making Donghae get worried. "What did happen?"

"I'm a fool." Hyukjae whispered, his eyes starting to get red while some tears were forming. "How could I? I'm not your friend anymore Donghae."

"Why are you saying that?" Donghae asked not understanding Hyukjae's words taking the boy's hand with his, but the other just pushed him away.

"I don't like you anymore." Hyukjae said without moving again. "I don't want to see you again."


"Because you can have Jessica. She... She is the right thing to you. I'm a boy and..." now some tears were finally falling from Hyukjae's eyes, the boy with his back to Donghae to hide himself. Hyukjae always thought about how good would be have Donghae only to him, but now, seeing Donghae with his lips on Jessica's, it looked so wrong that the boy was trying to push his feelings away. Donghae wouldn't accept him, any way.

"But I want to be your friend!" Donghae said, his tears starting to fall, he really liked of his friend, how could he be without Hyukjae? "Don't let me."

"Stay away from me!" Eunhyk yelled turning to Donghae, his eyes red. "You are a idiot, you are not cool and you are boring!" Hyukjae was screaming nonsense, he didn't think those things of his friend, but he needed to push Donghae away, he needed to away of the boy to forget him.

Then Donghae stayed stopped seeing Hyukjae run to outside of the bathroom. It hurt him. Hyukjae was too much important to him and he was starting to be angry 'cause Hyukjae couldn't be like this to him. He couldn't lost the boy. And above everything Donghae wasn't seeing why Hyukjae did this which made him angrier.

Hyukjae just stopped of run when he finally found his other friends. Hyukjae needed to be away from Donghae, he needed to forget Donghae, because it was too much wrong and he felt guilty. He couldn't like a boy and even that he stayed in Donghae's side and played with him, he would be pretending that everything was ok, because in the truth he never would have Donghae as he want to and Donghae wouldn't like to have a friend like him, so perverted.

"What did happen?" Sungmin asked hugging Hyukjae who wasn't stopping of cry and led him a little away from the other kids who were still seeing the skeletons.

"Donghae..." Hyukjae sobbed, now in his friend's arm he started to cry more. "It hurts Min..."

"Did he hurt you?" Kyuhyun asked worried.

"Yes." Hyukjae sobbed, "it hurt too much seeing Donghae kissing Jessica." the boy thought to himself.

"But Donghae wouldn't do that." Ryeowook said confused.

"But he did Wook. Hyuk wouldn't cry like this if he didn't."

"Don't talk like that with Wook, Kyu." Yesung said hugging Ryeowook as if protecting him. "I don't believe either, Hyukjae is lying."

"He is not lying Yesung!" Sungmin yelled hugging Hyukjae tighter.

"I didn't hurt him." Donghae said softly when he reached to the others boys. "I didn't."

"See." Yesung said, but soon was interrupted by the yell of Hyukjae to Donghae.

"Stay away!"

"Whatever." Donghae said and turned to find the rest of their class who had already disappeared. Then Donghae was followed by Ryeowook and Yesung letting Hyukjae still crying with Sungmin and Kyuhyun.

"It hurts Min." Hyukjae sobbed.

"Shh. Stay calm. We'll make all good."

But then months passed and after years and the boys were already with 16 years and things weren't good. The boys were still separate in Hyukjae's side and Donghae's. They never spoke with each other after that day at the museum, actually they did talked, but it was only some insulting words to the other, mostly from Donghae's part.

"There will be a party tonight in Siwon's house. He said that everyone is invited. Do you want to go?" Sungmin asked sitting in the table were Kyuhyun and Hyukjae were.

"Siwon? The rich boy?" Kyuhyun exclaimed.

"Yes, it'll be in his mansion." Sungmin smiled happily starting to eat sandwich that he bought.

"I don't want." Hyukjae whispered with his eyes in his strawberry milk. "I want to stay at home."

"How can you think about home in the summer Hyuk? Someone told me that he has a big pool and that they will have some alcohol drinks too."

"The baby EunEun still drink milk?" came the sound of Donghae when he passed through their tables and hit Hyukjae's head.

"I can't believe that he still does that." Hyukjae whispered tiredly. "I'm really tired."

"So forget about him tonight." Sungmin smiled and put a hand above Hyukjae's. "Go tonight in the party to have fun. You can even find that Kibum who asked to date with you."

"I don't like him Min, that's why I refused."

"Ok, but there won't be only him, so go. You need take some fun."

"Ok ok, I'll go."

~~~~~~~ next

why fictions look bigger in our spanish's notebook? e_e
Tags: !fic, !fic: the reason is always you, !genre: drama, !genre: mpreg, !pairing: eunhae
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