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[Fanfiction] When We Miss Home

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When We Miss Home
Theme: 014. Home, Heechul/Donghae
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, friendship!Heechul/Donghae
Raiting: NC17
Genre: smut, comedy
Summary: It had passed some time with Super Junior M's activities so Donghae was missing his friend Eunhyuk. But Heechul wasn't helping at all.

AN: i started this fiction at so much time, but stopped, then lee_jinki made me finish it while we were in the beach XD here it is kibum ah~

Finally it was the end of Super Junior M's promotions and all the seven boys, even Zhou Mi and Henry, went back to Korea and to the others in Super Junior's dorm. All of them, those who stayed in Korea, were missing the beloved boys and when those got back home, they were waiting patiently in the dorm to have a little party with the members.

When they finally arrived, all of them went to those who were missing more. Kyuhyun was with Sungmin's arms around him squeezing the man as he was a teddy bear, Ryeowook was led by Yesung to other room, but Siwon and Hankyung thought in how strange was to they don't get any attention of Heechul, who ran to Donghae and squeezed him before he could look for Eunhyuk, his beloved friend.

"Little little Donghae who is getting all time old!" he screamed still squeezing Donghae and guiding him to Super Junior's kitchen. "Do you want some food?"

"No hyung, I'm fine," Donghae said smiling worried due to the strange behavior of Heechul, Donghae knew that he was one of the preferred of the man, but this was too much. "Let me say hi to the others."

"Ok." Heechul said smiling leading Donghae holding in his shoulders untill they reached in the TV room where everyone was again.

Donghae talked with everyone, freely, but when he could talk with Eunhyuk Heechul would show up from nowhere and take him to a random conversation to some other person. Donghae was getting a little angry with his hyung, but soon he understood that Heechul could be only missing him. But Donghae wasn't the only one angry, Siwon and Hankyung were too as Heechul wasn't giving too much attention to them and there were Eunhyuk too who couldn't have a conversation with Donghae. Heechul wasn't caring, he needed to be close to Donghae, he needed.

"Hyung!" Donghae finally screamed when Heechul took him away from Eunhyuk leading him to the empty kitchen. "I don't know how much times that you took me away this night, and all those times were when I was about to talk with Eunhyuk. It's already 9PM and I didn't even say hi to him!" he yelled.

"I'm protecting you!" Heechul said putting his hand in Donghae's mouth. "Can't you see that?"

"B-But hyung!" Donghae said taking Heechul's hand away. "I like Eunhyuk and I want to talk with him!"

"But he wants you!" Heechul whispered looking around to see if someone would come.

"What do you mean?"

"Last night, I brought some bottles of beer and all we drunk." Heechul started to say still with low voice. "And Eunhyuk doesn't drink, so he was gone while we drunk. I don't know what he thought, but he went to my room while we stayed in the TV room. But I'm not a fool! I stalked him a few minutes after and opened the door of my room quietly to see what he was doing. That bastard! He was using MY little precious baby!" he yelled the last part.

"Your baby?" Donghae asked without understand.

"Yes! My vibrator." Heechul answered as it was the most normal thing to a man have. "He was using it! And moaning YOUR name! I don't want you close to this bastard again! Did you hear me?"

"But hyung, its you who have this... vibrator thing! Don't be mean!" Donghae also yelled.

"But you are my baby and think a boy doing... that with him..." the older said hugging Donghae as if protecting the man.

"But... If I like him?" Donghae whispered making Heechul break the hug and look to the other man.

"Do you?" Heechul asked smirking.

"Y-Yes." answered a red Donghae.

"At the point of play with him with my vibrator?"

"No hyung!" Donghae exclaimed turning his back to Heechul to hide his red face imagining that scene. "At the point of... just stay with him."

"So you really like him." Heechul said suddenly hugging Donghae from behind. "Ok then little baby, go play with your friend, Eunhyuk knows where my toy is, ask for it to him and you'll stay with him."


"Just do it." Heechul finished freeing the man and leaving him alone in the kitchen.

Eunhyuk, outside of the kitchen, entered in the place when he noticed Heechul pass by him.

"Finally he left you!" Eunhyuk said hugging Donghae from behind. "Are you ok?" he asked noticing that the man didn't move.

"Is... Is it true?" Donghae asked, starting to get red with that thought going again in his head, and turned in Eunhyuk's arms with his face in the other's shoulder . "Do you... Do you like me?"

"Did Heechul tell you this?" Eunkyuk asked letting a tense laugh escape from his lips.

"In... Some how. But do you?" Donghae asked again with his head still in Eunhyuk's shoulder.

"Look Donghae, I, I am your friend and I do like you." Eunhyuk whispered still doesn't leaving Donghae from his arms. "But at some point it grew without I notice it, sorry."

"Are you asking me sorry for love me?" Donghae asked pushing Eunhyuk to see his face full of worry. "I... I think that the same thing happened to me. I am... sorry too?"

"Don't say such a thing." Eunhyuk laughed and pulled Donghae to kiss him sweetly. Donghae took the opportunity to push his hip shyly to Eunhyuk's because he knew what the man wanted thanks to Heechul.

"Heechul told me something more too." Donghae whispered biting Eunhyuk's bottom lip.

"What?" Eunhyuk asked laughing nervously.

"That you know where his vibrator is." Donghae said seductively pulling Eunhyuk's hips.

"I don't need it again." the other answered putting his hands under Donghae's shirt.

"But it would be fun." Donghae smiled getting away of Eunhyuk and taking his hand guiding the man out of the kitchen. Once out they didn't have to worry about hide their hardness as Heechul was talking with everyone some story and they could pass unnoticed to outside of the door and almost run in the stairs.

"Wait." Eunhyuk whispered making Donghae frown in worry and get close to the man. But soon the frown went away when Eunhyuk pushed him to the wall and kissed his neck. "Do you have sure?"

"Of going to... Heechul's room?" Donghae managed to whisper feeling Eunhyuk's hand grabbing his hardness above his pants. "I want to see how you were last night."

Eunhyuk kissed Donghae's neck hardly and pushed his hips even more against Donghae's both wanting more friction. Then the older pulled away from Donghae and took his hand to continue they run to the other dorm.

When they finally got into Heechul's room, after take some seconds of teases, Eunhyuk pushed Donghae to the bed and took his shirt off starting to kiss the younger's chest making his mouth travel down and down. His kissed stopped when he reached in Donghae's pants, there he slowly undid the trousers and the underwear to put all of Donghae's erection in his mouth making this one gasp and push his hips to Eunhyuk's mouth deepening his hardness around the sweet lips to the hot and wet cavern.

Donghae's hand were pushing Eunhyuk's head up and down quickly on him making the friction better. Then Eunhyuk sucked hard and Donghae couldn't help let a moan when his cum was being swallowed by Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk was breathing quickly when he went back to Donghae's face to kiss him.

"Let me play with you now." Donghae whispered pushing Eunhyuk slowly to his side letting himself on top and took all of his clothes off. "Where is?"

"In the nightstand." Eunhyuk said with his eyes closed passing his hand in the sides of Donghae while this one stretched himself to get the vibrator without leave Eunhyuk's body.

When Donghae went back with the vibrator in his hand he pushed in Eunhyuk's hand, but didn't let it, making the older open his eyes confused.

"Help me."

Eunhyuk just smirked and held the object through Donghae's hand. Then the older slowly led Donghae's hand through his body with their eyes locked, both full of lust. Their hand went between Eunhyuk's legs and with a gasp Eunhyuk pushed it all inside of him still holding in Donghae's hand. Eunhyuk was moaning while Donghae was moving slowly the object, then the older's finger turned the vibration on and he moaned louder throwing his head back with his eyes closed and his chest closer to Donghae. Seeing his lover moaning so much Donghae continued faster inside of the man.

"Oh... Donghae... I'm..." then Donghae just stopped the moves and took the vibrator slowly off from Eunhyuk who was breathing heavily with his eyes still closed.

"Look at me." Donghae whispered getting his face close to Eunhyuk and throwing the object away. Eunhyuk looked at him, his eyes flashing lazily. "I love you."

"I love you too." Eunhyuk said smiling and Donghae kissed him and at the same time entered in Eunhyuk very slowly. "Oh Donghae... I dreamed with this... so much..." Eunhyuk was trying to say, then with those words Donghae went back and forth in Eunhyuk hitting him faster and stronger untill that he reached in Eunhyuk's prostate making the man moan louder and arch his back. Seeing that Eunhyuk was close, Donghae started to pump the other's arousal. With three more pump in synch with Donghae's thrusts, Eunhyuk came all over Donghae's belly and with the loud moan of "Donghae" coming from Eunhyuk's lips made Donghae come too inside of the other tightness. Donghae took himself off from the man and lay beside him, both with a quick breath, and hugged the other man. "I think that we should leave." Eunhyuk whispered worried about Heechul coming from the other floor and fighting over them.

"Don't worry about that. Heechul will understand." Donghae said smiling and hugged Eunhyuk tightly, after a couple of seconds both were asleep.

After some hours of party in the down floor, Heechul went back to his room and opened a little to see that Donghae and Eunhyuk were sleeping in his bed. But, for his own surprise, he didn't yelled or something like that, he just shut the door and went to sleep with Hankyung. "But it is good that for the morning they are out from there." Heechul thought.

Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !pairing: eunhae
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