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[Fanfiction] The Reason Is Always You (2/?)

Title: The Reason is Always You (2/?)
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Eunhae (main) mentions of Kyumin and Yewook
Raiting: NC17, for this chapter
Genre: mpreg, drama, romance, angst, AU!school
Summary: Hyukjae and Donghae had a fight back in some years making they don't talk with each other again and only one night could change this situation.

AN: sorry for taking too much time, i had a block e_e but now is everything fine~ enjoy~


The day passed quietly without Hyukjae seeing Donghae again and the first boy was feeling relief. Hyukjae could admit only to himself that actually he would love be with Donghae, because he did love the boy, but since that day, at 4 years back, Hyukjae couldn't stand close to Donghae and think that this is only what he could have, so Hyukjae just quited of the boy, or so he thought, because he still love him. And as a punishment from leaving his friend, Donghae would always appear from nowhere to try hurt him more than he already does.

With thoughts in mind Hyukjae didn't notice that he was already in the front door of Sungmin's house ringing the bell and soon being answered by the boy's mom who was with a big smile.

"Hello Hyukjae. Ready for the party?"

"Hi Mrs Lee. I'm ready." Hyukjae answered shy.

"Good. You can go upstairs, Sungmin is in his room with Kyuhyun."

"Thanks." Hyukjae whispered and entered in the humid house where the white color was covering all. Soon Hyukjae was knocking the door and entering in the bedroom. Inside Sungmin and Kyuhyun were both with a scare expression and once in each corner of the room with quick breath. "Why are you like this?"

"Like this how?" Sungmin asked smirking tensely.

"The scared expressions, the sweat on your faces..."

"We watched a horror movie." Kyuhyun smiled taking the sweat off from his face.

"Yes, we watched and it was horrible." Sungmin said still with that smile sending a look to Kyuhyun.

"Hm, so are we going or not?" Hyukjae asked.

"Of course, my mom will take us, the house is a little far." Sungmin said fixing his clothes that were a little too crushed. "Let's go."

They took ten minutes to get in the big house, that surely was big. It was five minutes to pass from the gates to the front door of the mansion and while they walked the saw some people dancing to the music that was coming from the house and drinking a lot. Hyukjae was feeling too much uncomfortable with the chaos there while walking with Kyuhyun and Sungmin who looked as if there wasn't anything, like drunk kids jumping around, that could break their conversation and smiles to each other. But if they thought that outside was a chaos, inside was a hell.

The only light that was inside were the colorful spinning in the people who were filling the place completely making hard to walk. A sexy music was playing making all the teenagers dance one against each other and exchange wet kisses. Hyukjae was feeling more uncomfortable now and when he looked around to find Sungmin and Kyuhyun he saw himself alone with a girl pushing her body to him. Hyukjae just got away from the girl and continued to walk in the middle of the people trying to find his friends again.

"Hi Hyuk." looking back Hyukjae saw Siwon, the owner of the mansion, going untill him with two glasses in his hands. "Do you want?" he questioned pushing a glass to Hyukjae's hand.

"Thanks." Hyukjae answered shyly taking the glass and being led by Siwon to a place where some drinks were being make and was more quiet.

"Are you lost?" Siwon asked smiling.

"Kind of. I lost Kyuhyun and Sungmin." Hyukjae said putting his eyes back in the people who were dancing.

"I saw the two going close to the stairs. But drink a little." Siwon said pushing the glass already in Hyukjae's hand. "Have fun here." and then he left Hyukjae there and went to some girls who were dancing in a circle.

Hyukjae took all the drunk in one way and felt his throat burn. Then Hyukjae looked to the people dancing again and saw Donghae there dancing. Hyukjae was wanting a lot to dance, but he decided to not do that. When he was younger he would dance with Donghae if any song would be playing, but he didn't want to remember Donghae, so he decided that he wanted to drink, and it was that that Hyukjae did. After a couple of drinks, that Hyukjae didn't know of what were made, he felt too much high. Hyukjae already drunk before, but it was just coca with a little of vodka, so with this new drink, he was already drunk after five minutes.

"Hyuk!" came a sweet voice that made Hyukjae look to his owner. "Is everything ok?"

"Hi Kibum." Hyukjae smiled as the other was smiling too. "I'm good."

"Do you want to dance?"

"Of course!" Hyukjae yelled seeing the smile in Kibum's face.

Kibum took Hyukjae's hand and pulled him inside of all the dance people, but while Hyukjae was shaking his other arm up as dancing, he didn't notice that Kibum was still pulling him untill that they passed of all the people and were walking up in the stairs.

"To where... we are going?" Hyukjae asked giggling still with his hand in Kibum's while they were now walking in a dark corridor.

Kibum just smiled back to Hyukjae and continued to pull the other untill that they stopped and Kibum pressed Hyukjae against a closed door. Hyukjae was just smiling and didn't make a move when Kibum went slowly close to him.

"Too handsome." Kibum whispered and then pressed his lips lightly against Hyukjae's for a couple of seconds untill that Hyukjae slowly opened his mouth to accept Kibum's tongue in. Actually Hyukjae wasn't thinking straight, he just followed the hot feeling of Kibum and pulled him closer touching their hips and moaned inside Kibum's mouth who just smirked and pulled Hyukjae's back to open the door and get inside of the room before closing it. No one was inside and there had just one bed where Kibum led Hyukjae while their lips were still conected. Lying atop of Hyukjae, Kibum's hand went in front of the other's jeans making this one moan louder.

"S-Stop." Hyukjae moaned trying to take Kibum's hand off from him, but failing. "K-Kibum... Stop." he moaned more while Kibum just stopped of tease Hyukjae to unzip his pants. "Stop Kibum..." Hyukjae whimpered with his eyes opened trying again to take Kibum's hand off from him. "I don't want..."

Then Hyukjae didn't feel Kibum again as the boy were pulled away from him and was now lying in the floor with Donghae looking with angry eyes to him.

"He said that he didn't want." Donghae said without take his eyes off from Kibum who raised from the floor and looked also angrily to Donghae before walk off from the room and close the door behind him letting Hyukjae and Donghae alone in the room. Hyukjae stayed sat there stopped waiting for any move of Donghae who then slowly went closer to the bed where Hyukjae was. "Did he hurt you?" Donghae asked with a concerned gaze to the boy.

Hyukjae just shook his head from side to side and watched when Donghae got closer and whispering a "Good" he put his hands in the unziped pants of Hyukjae and fixed it for the boy who was looking to his hands on him and secretly wishing that they were around his body.

"Why did you do that?" Hyukjae whispered feeling the lost of Donghae's hand on him while looking to the other side of the room.

"You told him to stop and he didn't, he would hurt you." Donghae answered confused.

"And the only one that can hurt me is you, right?" Hyukjae said rising from the bed and walking to the door where he stopped when Donghae's fingers pulled his wrist making both stop one in front of the other in the middle of the bedroom.

"Yes, just me." Donghae whispered with his hot breath close to Hyukjae's. Then slowly Donghae put a hand behind Hyukjae's neck and pulled his face closer to make their lips together. Hyukjae always wanted to touch this lips again since they were just little kids.

Hyukjae was feeling Donghae's breath in his neck while the two were sleeping, but the first boy couldn't sleep well with his thoughts in Donghae. So the boy turned himself in the other's arms and gently kissed Donghae's lips quickly. He felt how sweet and soft were those lips and wished that he could do that again, but Donghae woke up in that time so he pretended that he was sleeping again.

It was Hyukjae's first secret kiss, also as Donghae, who felt everything that the boy did, but when he opened his eyes and saw Hyukjae with his closed, he just hugged Hyukjae tighter and fell asleep happier.

Hyukjae deepened the kiss as his hand pulled Donghae's neck closer and touched Donghae's lips feeling the sweet taste inside. Donghae's hands traveled in Hyukjae's sides feeling the boy shiver beneath his fingers as he did the same with those hands on his neck and shoulder. They slowly walked to the bed with their lips still together and when they lay, Hyukjae atop Donghae, they stopped for a second to breath and their eyes locked deeply. Their breath was as quick as their thoughts were. Hyukjae then slowly pulled away from Donghae's body saying a "Sorry", but before he could be completely off, Donghae pulled his waist making Hyukjae stay above him.

"Don't run away from me." Donghae whispered passing his hand in Hyukjae's hair before kissing the boy again.

In this time Hyukjae melted again inside their kiss and unconsciously pushed his hip against Donghae. He loved Donghae too much that he wanted truly feel the boy, he needed it. Donghae could read all the moved that Hyukjae was making towards him and he felt thankful for Hyukjae want that one time that he also wanted. But Donghae couldn't just go further without Hyukjae's approval so he started to tease the boy breaking the kiss and starting to kiss his jaw line, that Donghae always admired too much, and down in his neck. To make his access bigger, Donghae pushed Hyukjae to his side and went in his top going back to his neck leaving there some marks.

Hyukjae's legs went around Donghae's waist and pulled the boy making their clothed erection rub against each other and they breath harder. Donghae's hands went above Hyukjae's shirt passing through the white and soft untouchable skin pushing the shirt away of Hyukjae letting the boy just with his pants. Then Donghae's mouth attacked Hyukjae's collarbone and only stopped for a second when Hyukjae's fingers pulled his shirt away. Donghae continued his way down Hyukjae's body and started to suck and lick the boy's hip leaving there more marks.

"Please..." Hyukjae whimpered with his eyes closed feeling Donghae's mouth in his skin making this one look up with fair that Hyukjae didn't want more, but he was fully wrong. "More Hae..."

Donghae then sighed in relief with those words, but before he could return to suck and lick, Hyukjae took his chin getting his face close to his and kissed him while his hands went down in Donghae's body untill that they reached in the front of the other's jeans unziping it slowly then letting his cold fingers go inside of Donghae's underwear. Donghae gasped feeling the smooth fingers around him and kissed Hyukjae harder putting a hand between Hyukjae's back and the bed to close the distance between their chest.

Feeling the precum of Donghae in his hand, Hyukjae put it all around the other's arousal before pull both final clothes away. Donghae felt a little insecure seeing Hyukjae begging beneath him and wanting him too much. Donghae liked Hyukjae to much to don't want to make him hurt, to call for his attention in any way he finds, so it was difficul for him to trust himself completely to accept Hyukjae's moans of "Inside Hae... Please..." and enter in the boy inch by inch. He entered slowly cause the only lub that they had was his precum and he didn't want to see Hyukjae in pain, but like this, asking for more as he as giving little by little, teasing the boy, loving the boy.

Once that Donghae put all of himself inside of the hot and tight entry of Hyukjae, he thought that he couldn't take too much time there and that he was about to hurt Hyukjae, so he took the next step slowly, with both thoughts in the head, and took himself almost all off from Hyukjae and entered again in the same pace. Hyukjae wasn't thinking by himself when he pulled Donghae completely against him and then pushed him to his side making he stay above Donghae, this one never going off from Hyukjae. Sitting above Donghae, Hyukjae started to ride him as fast as he could at the same time that his head went down to find Donghae's and kiss the boy hardly. Donghae's hand were going up and down behind Hyukjae's tights pulling him more when the boy would also go back in Donghae's hip.

"Oh God..." Hyukjae moaned biting Donghae's bottom lip then putting his head in Donghae's neck trying to make Donghae hit his that place, that he didn't think that existed, again. But he was getting frustrated as that feeling wasn't getting anymore, so Donghae pushed the boy staying atop of him again and started to thrust inside of Hyukjae fast as he could, and it was fast enough to make him hit again and again Hyukjae's spot making this one moan louder together with Donghae. Then Donghae put his hand around Hyukjae's hardness and pumped him more two time together with his thrust and when he thought that couldn't hold on anymore Hyukjae came in his hand with a loud moan of his name making him come as well inside of Hyukjae. Donghae's body collapsed beside Hyukjae who were breathing hardly and turned his body to Donghae to put one arm around his chest and his head in his neck.

"I'm sorry Hyuk." Donghae whispered making little circles with his hand in the boy's white back. "Sorry for hurting you in any way that you thought. Sorry for being a pain to you." Donghae kept whispering. "I just wish that you didn't leave, I still don't understand."

Hyukjae didn't answered anything, so Donghae put his head away from his shoulder and saw the boy sleeping. It was such a serene expression that Donghae would do anything to keep it, anything to see all the days this expression to him. Donghae then went forward and kissed Hyukjae's forehead lightly before forget that they were in a party, that was still going on, and sleep with Hyukjae between his arms.

It didn't take too much time to Hyukjae wake up and when he did he was terrified. He was naked beside Donghae, who was also in the same situation, and he could still hear the noises of the party outside of the door. Hyukjae watched with horror while Donghae was still sleeping and raised from the bed to get his clothes on. Hyukjae just could remember a few flashs from moments before where he could see Kibum taking him to the up floor and Donghae atop of him thrusting inside of him. Hyukjae did some effort to remember more of what happened, but he couldn't, as more that he thought about that he could feel those memories going away. Hyukjae didn't remember if Donghae told him something or if the boy was there because he truly wanted, so he felt some guilty inside of him when he left the room completely dressed.

When Hyukjae was finally in the first floor, he soon found Kyuhyun and Sungmin, both talking with some people with worried faces that disappeared soon that Hyukjae called for them.

"Thanks God you are back." Sungmin said relief. "My mom is there at five minutes, it's already 4AM and we need to go."

"Ok." Hyukjae whispered being pulled by Sungmin while they walked in the middle of the people who were still dancing to find the front door.

While they walked to the gates Sungmin noticed how his friend was strange and he asked once what happened, but Hyukjae just answered with a smile and a "It's nothing." making Sungmin give up of Hyukjae and wait for when the boy would trust in him to tell what happened.

Alone in his bed, Hyukjae cried little tears untill that he fall asleep. He was truly wanting that Donghae didn't remember of what happened, of else Donghae would think in a wrong way of himself.


and just a sided note, stay away from the stove when you are alone at home ): *almost put fire at home when trying to do kitchen*

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Tags: !fic, !fic: the reason is always you, !genre: drama, !genre: mpreg, !pairing: eunhae
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