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[Fanfiction] The Reason Is Always You (3/?)

Title: The Reason is Always You (3/?)
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Eunhae (main) mentions of Kyumin and Yewook
Raiting: PG13
Genre: mpreg, drama, romance, angst, AU!school
Summary: Hyukjae and Donghae had a fight back in some years making they don't talk with each other again and only one night could change this situation.


"Hae. Wake up."

Donghae opened his eyes and saw Ryeowook, the owner of the voice, with Yesung hugging him from behind with his chin in Ryeowook's shoulder and sun was entering in the room making hard to Donghae to open his eyes.

"What did happen?"

"We don't know, Cinderalla." Yesung answered making Donghae look confused to him.

"Why Cinderella Yesung?" Ryeowook asked looking to his friend.

"Because he slept all the party!"

"So it's Sleeping Beauty, honey." Ryeowook said laughing as Yesung was still confused. "In any way, everyone is already gone, we have to leave before Siwon wakes up and you have to get dressed soon."

"Sorry." Donghae said looking to his naked body and covering himself with sheet. "But why are we leaving just now?"

"We were playing and didn't notice the time running." Yesung said smirking and pushing his hip to Ryeowook's.

"Ok." Donghae sighed and started to dress himself quickly.

"But what did you do here?" Ryeowook asked confused while Donghae was finishing of get dress.

"I..." then little by little Donghae remembered. "I followed Hyukjae untill this room where he was with Kibum and, Kibum was trying to take his clothes off and we know how player he is, so I... Protected Hyukjae and then... We made sex and slept, but... He left me." Donghae said all looking to the floor.

"So finally you are no more virgin." Yesung said smiling, but soon feeling a smack coming from Ryeowook in his cheek.

"Maybe he felt confused Hae." Ryeowook whispered letting off from Yesung and hugging Donghae. "I know that you really like him even before he hurt you and asked for you leave him, but what happened here..."

"He won't talk to me Wook." Donghae said leaving from the boy's arms. "He will yell to me to keep away from him again. Specially after this night, if he didn't stay then he is regreting it. I can't do nothing."

So Donghae left Yesung and Ryeowook follow him soon after, some little tears falling from his eyes.


It was already monday and the last day of school before summer vacations, but Hyukjae was really scared of being in school specially after that party in the last friday where he slept with Donghae. He was fearing for just find the boy and this one start to laugh of him saying silly things as he always did and maybe even say to everyone that he fucked him in the party. So when he felt a hand in his shoulder Hyukjae jumped and almost held himself in the locker to then breath in relief when Sungmin smiled to him sweetly and asking what happened and why he was so scared. Hyukjae said that nothing had happened and then followed the boy, and Kyuhyun who joined soon after, to make their way to their class.

In their classes Hyukjae kept himself quiet only laughing a little when seeing that Kyuhyun and Sungmin were laughing about something, his mind focused on Donghae who was sitting practically in the other side of the room while they were making some math activites in trios. Hyukjae's gaze were focused in the first exercise while Sungmin was watching the boy and getting a little mad that he was still like this since friday and for some reason Hyukjae refused when he called him to go out in the weekend.

When the bell ringed telling that math class had finished, they walked to their history's in silent, Hyukjae walking with his gaze in the floor while Kyuhyun was walking normally by his side, but Sungmin, in Hyukjae's other side, was looking worried to the boy while his gaze also going to a trio who was walking in their front a little far away, there Sungmin could see Yesung's arm around Ryeowook's waist, what was totally normal, but seeing Donghae there, walking as Hyukjae was doing in the last of of school, was bothering Sungmin, Donghae would always be the happiest guy in their school, so it was far enough weird.

While they were sitting listening to their teacher's words Sungmin passed to Hyukjae, who was sitting in his front with his eyes glued in their teacher, a little note.

What is happening to you? You can't hide things from me. Just tell me that I'll hear you."

Soon after the note was sent back with Hyukjae's words beneath.

Sorry Min, I'll tell you everything in the lunch time.

Seconds after Hyukjae was taking the note again with more from Sungmin's words.

It has something to do with Donghae, hasn't it?

Hyukjae's heart escaped a beat reading that name and even wanting to look to the boy who was sitting some chairs in his front, Hyukjae just wrote more three words in the note.

In the lunch.

The time for their lunch didn't take too much time even if the two sequels of history class were too much boring even being their last class, and then Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Hyukjae were sitting in a table away from the other people, Sungmin's gaze burning in Hyukjae when they sat.

"Tell us." Sungmin asked making Hyukjae look up to him with his eyes full of little tears.

"I... I don't remember very well." Hyukjae whispered only loud enough to the two hear him. "But... I remember, in the party, when Siwon gave me some drink when you two were miss and... after that I drunk more and then Kibum took me to dance, but we passed through the people and went up the stairs... I don't remember more from that, only that... hell, saying that looks so much wrong..." Hyukjae's gaze then went to his lap where a bright tear fell.

"Kibum did something to you?" Kyuhyun asked worried.

"No... At least of what I remember, 'cause after that I only remember me with Donghae in the bed and... We were making sex..." Hyukjae whispered lower the last phrase, one more tear falling. "Then I woke up naked in his side..."

"But... Oh my God..." Sungmin was whispering passing his hands through his face before sitting in Hyukjae's side hugging the boy. "But did you like it?"

"This is the worst Min, I can't remember." Hyukjae said looking to Sungmin's face with his eyes red. "I don't know if it was good, if he enjoyed, if I was there because I wanted, or he wanted... I don't know nothing of that and it really hurts Min."

"Stay calm Hyuk." Sungmin was saying while hugging a cry Hyukjae, a feeling of deja vu running through him, and this time more serious. Sungmin's eyes even ran through the cafeteria trying to find the other trio, but they weren't there, what was better to Hyukjae. "You can't keep crying. Stay calm, only more two classes and then you are going back home to pass two months away from here in your grandmother's house to pass your vacations."

"I think that I will be happy for once of seeing some chickens." Hyukjae said laughing and stopping of cry.

"If you want I can borrow to you my DS, I've put more games, so you won't get bored." Kyuhyun said smiling friendly to Hyukjae. "I have the cable to put more energy in my locker as my game. After we take them."

"Thanks Kyu." Hyukjae said smiling.

"Why do you keep your cable here in school?" Sungmin asked confused to Kyuhyun who smirked to him.

"I need to be prepared if he stays with low energy while I'm relaxing after make my math test and you are still making it."

"Silly." Sungmin said laughing together with both boys.

In the rest of their classes it passed like this and Hyukjae wasn't thinking anymore of Donghae as their last classes were separate from the boy and Kyuhyun and Sungmin would be there with him making him happy. But it changed when Hyukjae got in home with some of his books, that were kept in school, in his hands also as Kyuhyun's DS. He sat in his bed but didn't allow think to much taking Kyuhyun's game and starting to play.

All the two months passed like this, if it wasn't for Kyuhyun's DS Hyukjae would be even worst.

The first thing that Hyukjae did when he got back home was run to the near bathroom and throw off his last meal. Hyukjae's mother said to they go to the doctor, but Hyukjae refused only saying that it was because of the long trip and went to his room. In the other day school begun.


Donghae was too much nervous when he woke up in the morning of Monday. His vacations were more bored than he ever thought that it would be. Yesung and Ryeowook invited him a lot of times to go in some party, but he refused all those making some excuses. In his mind no one could take Hyukjae off. Donghae thought about Hyukjae almost all those two months and when he got in school the first thing that his eyes did were only find Hyukjae, but he was just could see the boy when they entered in their class and was to have a boring class of Geography. But soon that Hyukjae sat in his chair he asked for the teacher permission to go to the bathroom saying that he was about to puke and ran away soon followed by Sungmin saying that the boy needed help.

Donghae looked to his empty notebook miserable, he had expected this day since his vacations and really waited for see Hyukjae, for at least talk with him, but Hyukjae was getting each time away.


"Fuck." Hyukaje whispered looking to his puke in the toilet while Sungmin was making little circles in his back. "I am puking like this since I got here yesterday."

"Maybe you are having some stomach problem, you should go to the doctor." Sungmin said taking Hyukjae's hair away from his face.

"I don't want to Min. I think that it'll pass." the other boy whispered. "Let's go to the class. I don't have anything more to puke."

They didn't take too much time to get in the class again and when they entered noticed that the teacher already gave some exercises for them make in groups. Hyukjae and Sungmin went together with Kyuhyun, what was normal, and started to make the activites. But Kyuhyun was a little unquiet since Hyukjae said to him in the class that he was puking since the other day, so when this class finished, Kyuhyun said for the two go in his front while he kept himself behind and close to Donghae and his other two friends stopping Donghae by holding his shirt when Sungmin and Hyukjae were already far away.

"What are you doing?" Yesung asked confused.

"Don't say a shit Yesung." Kyuhyun said to the boy looking to Donghae who was scared. "Tell me that when you had sex with Hyukjae in the party you were using condoms."

"I... Ask him." Donghae answered with angry eyes to Kyuhyun.

"I don't believe that you didn't." Kyuhyun said letting Donghae's shirt smiling a little.

"I don't have any disease to pass to him." Donghae exclaimed to Kyuhyun who was already walking away now with a worried expression.

"Idiot." Kyuhyun whispered running to find Hyukjae and Sungmin.

"You must ALWAYS use it Donghae!" Ryeowook exclaimed hitting Donghae's head. "It's better prevent than take the consequences."


this chapter was a little bored right? sorry for it D:
Tags: !fic, !fic: the reason is always you, !genre: drama, !genre: mpreg, !pairing: eunhae
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