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[Fanfiction] You Must Be Quiet

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You Must Be Quiet
Theme: 016. Quiet Places, Yesung/Ryeowook
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yewook
Raiting: NC17
Genre: smut
Summary: Quiet restaurants aren't aproppried to do such a things. But the two men weren't care.

Because i was missing write smut yewook and because Yesung's waistcoat showing his chest as in this picture is too much hot to handle and not think about... other things XD

The two were sitting one in front of the other in the full, but still a little quiet, restaurant. But it was a little hard for Ryeowook to stay there stopped waiting for their dinner as his eyes wouldn't stop of going to Yesung who was wearing a simple suit, but his above part was totally opened showing his waistcoat beneath, that one that he had sure that the man would keep to himself after they used it to a performance, just because Yesung knew that still with those four buttons closed, his chest could be seen and that he stayed very sexy in this way. Ryeowook just knew it well too.

"Finally a time away from our job and just for us two." Yesung said with his husky voice filling their glasses with wine that Ryeowook didn't see when came.

"And I'm glad that I'm the only one of them here." Ryeowook said smirking and taking swallow of the wine as Yesung did the same. "I wouldn't like to share."

"Kyuhyun and Sungmin wanted to come too." Yesung said smiling. "But they preffered have the house only to them. So everyone is getting this time off to make some fun.

"And I think that we should make the same, don't you?" Ryeowook said seductively passing his leg along Yesung's under the table. The man couldn't hold himself.

"After Ryeowook." Yesung smiled to a sad Ryeowook when a woman came with their dinner, fish and some fruits of sea.

They ate in silence only saying something here and there about the food and the wine, that was already the second bottle, and soon the food had gone and they were feeling satisfied.

"I'm starting to get sleepy hyung." Ryeowook pouted and then he changed his sit to be beside of Yesung and rest his head in the older's shoulder closing his eyes, but even like this, Ryeowook's hand rested in Yesung's thigh.

"Are you sure?" Yesung asked smirking when the hand went up close to his groin.

"No." Ryeowook whispered with his expression still sleepy, but his hand now going under Yesung's pants finding the man already half hard. "You are so predictable hyung."

Yesung just laughed huskly and drunk something more of the wine while Ryeowook's fingers were going up and down of his arousal.

"You are so discreet hyung." Ryeowook whispered didn't changing his position or his moves. "I swear that if was you doing that to me I would be already begging for you to fuck me right here."

"We can't do such a thing here Ryeowook, you know that." Yesung said again huskly just letting his hand rest in Ryeowook's lap feeling the man shiver under him.

"Of course that yes." Ryeowook moaned only to Yesung hear and called the waitress. "Where is the bathroom? I think that I'm going to puke."

"Is in that side Sir." the woman said worried pointing to her left. "Do you want some water or..."

"It's ok." Yesung smiled sweetly to the woman who got flushed. "I'll take him there."

Then Yesung took Ryeowook to the bathroom that wasn't too much away, the younger pretending that he was really bad. When they entered in the white bathroom they found it empty, so Ryeowook's lips were kissing Yesung's neck hardly while this one was pushing him to the sink and there Yesung started to push his hip to Ryeowook who took his face away from Yesung's neck and kissed his lips, still hardly.

But while Yesung's hand was traveling down in Ryeowook's pants, they heard the door open and almost run to one of those cubicle and lock the door. The place was small, what did Yesung and Ryeowook still stay together with their body pressed against each other. Ryeowook heard two men talking outside, but before he could understand the men's word, Yesung was putting his hand inside of Ryeowook's pants finding his arousal and passing his fingers all along of it. Ryeowook left a gasp of his mouth and the men outside asked what was going, so Yesung put Ryeowook's legs around his waist, pushed him to the door and before that he could make more noise, he also put his mouth against Ryeowook's taking the little moans coming from there was Yesung's hand was still on him. After that they heard the door close and the silence get all the bathroom.

"You must not make noise." Yesung whispered huskly with his mouth close to Ryeowook's ear. "Bathrooms aren't allowed to have moans."

"Sorry." Ryeowook moaned before that someone opened the door and get inside.

Yesung was smiling while he took his hand off and started to kiss Ryeowook's neck making this one hardly contain his moans. Then Yesung pressed his hips against Ryeowook's making the younger feel how hard he was. Ryeowook's hands were both in the naked chest of Yesung and his fingers slowly unbottoned those fours buttons and took the waistcoat along with his suit letting the half toned torso of Yesung exposed to Ryeowook's fingers who traveled lower untill reach in Yesung's pants and rest there. Then Yesung's hands traveled through Ryeowook's sides taking his suit and shirt off letting to his mouth more space to lick and suck.

Ryeowook's feet only went down to Yesung take the rest of their clothes, but soon, his hip was being pressed against the door again with his ankles locked in Yesung's back, but now their arousal were touching each other, but as more that the moans wanted to go out, they had to hold on as another man entered in the bathroom. Ryeowook wanted so much moan as he felt Yesung hard on him, that Yesung was smirking noticing it and put two fingers in Ryeowook's mouth to the man suck it and lick it. Ryeowook's tongue went up and down in Yesung's fingers letting very wet and Ryeowook, by himself, took them from his mouth and made them travel down in his body passing through his arousal and finally finding his entry where Yesung put his two wet fingers, but who kept with the pace was Ryeowook while holding Yesung's wrist.

Ryeowook's mouth was a forming a little 'o' feeling those fingers on him and with his eyes closed throwing his back against the door. Yesung was delighted with that vision and started to kiss Ryeowook's neck and chest once more while the other hand was still holding the man against the door. When they heard the door close again and the bathroom stay completely quiet again Ryeowook left a "Fuck me." moan fall from his lips.

Yesung didn't hesitate of put his fingers off to hold Ryeowook properly and with a smooth thrust deep himself inside of Ryeowook who was, as always, still tight, doesn't changing the fact that they are always having sex. When Ryeowook was about to let a hard moan for being finally filled by Yesung, the door opened again and Yesung put a hand above Ryeowook's mouth making him stop still inside of Ryeowook. It was hard for Yesung be stop like this with Ryeowook's hottness surround him, but Yesung stayed like watching Ryeowook with his face still throw back and his moans left his mouth only as little vibrations against Yesung's palm and Yesung knew that the owner of those moans wanted so much more friction against them. Then Yesung pulled himself completely off and thrusted against Ryeowook making the man leave a gasp, their luck the man had went off from the bathroom in that time.

Yesung did the same thing over and over, his hand still in Ryeowook's mouth as the other's were pulling Yesung through his shoulders wanting more and tightening his legs around Yesung's hip. This time Yesung was the one with difficulties to keep quiet, so he left Ryeowook's mouth and covered it with his own as his pace was getting faster inside of Ryeowook. As Yesung couldn't hold on anymore, he left one hand from Ryeowook's back and passed it to his front taking the younger's arousal and pumping it in the same moves of his thrusts.

When Ryeowook came hard in Yesung's hand someone entered again in the bathroom, but it didn't stop Yesung to come as well inside of Ryeowook, his hot breathe invading Ryeowook's mouth. They stayed stop, Yesung still inside of Ryeowook, for a couple of seconds, his lips kissing each other while the man left the bathroom in silence again, then Yesung pulled out of Ryeowook and left this one put his feet in the floor, but Ryewook's body still pressed against the door.

"I love you." Yesung whispered, his face inches away from Ryeowook's.

"I do too." Ryeowook smiled.

"Excuse me." came a female voice outside of the cubicle. "Is there the man who wasn't feel too well?"

"We are here." Yesung said with his tone normal.

"Is there everything fine Sir?"

"Yes, it is, we are already leaving." Ryeowook said and they heard the woman say a 'Thanks God' and left the bathroom as they cleaned themselves.

Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !pairing: yewook
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