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[Fanfiction] Lie is a Sin

100 SuJu Fiction Challenge - Archive

Lie is a Sin
Theme: 058. Lies, Shiwon/Shiwon
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yewon
Raiting: PG15
Genre: angst
Summary: Siwon had lied seriously and bad things happened.

Every single step that Siwon did since Super Junior's dorm would make him think of that lie. He would think about those kind sweet eyes to him letting uncontrolled tears fall while he said those evil words. He would remember of those little hands squeezing his arms asking for the truth. But Siwon didn't say it, his lips closed and he went away to his parents house. There they asked if he did the right thing, Siwon nodded and went upstairs. Surely he did the right thing, but it wasn't good, it was a lie and this looked too much wrong for him.

"Siwon, I have something to say." Yesung whispered when Siwon and he were behind the stage waiting for their performance. "I..."

"Say it hyung." Siwon smiled.

"Hug me?" Yesung asked and Siwon did it thinking that the man would be with cold, but when he did he felt his body and heart get warm and he felt too much strange for this. "Siwon, I... I really like you."

"I like you too hyung." Siwon answered tightening his arms.

"The same as I do?" Yesung asked uncertain.

"The same." Siwon breathed.

Now Siwon was lay alone in his bed having only his pillow to comfort. His heart was broken even if he also did it to his lover. Or now ex-lover thankful for his lie.

Their lips found in a wet, but still sweet kiss, their first time meeting each other's mouth as their hands were running to feel every piece of the other's clothes only to take them off and finally meet the skin beneath it. Their breathe were heavy when they lay in Yesung's bed, skin touching skin, while they were kissing each other.

"I... I love you Siwon..." Yesung whispered inside of Siwon's mouth while this one was still feeling the soft skin under his fingers.

"I surely love you hyung." Siwon breathed looking inside of the dark eyes of Yesung. This wasn't a lie.

Siwon's phone started to ring inside of his pocket, he decided that he didn't need to answer for it, but without know his fingers went to find his phone and accepted the call without even see who was calling.

"Hello?" Siwon asked with a lifeless voice.

"Siwon? Come here immediately!"

"What did happen?" Siwon asked worried about the rush voice of Kangin in the other side of the phone.

"You did this! Now come here to fix it!" Kangin yelled letting Siwon more confused.

"I still didn't get it."

"Yesung hyung bought a lot of strong medicines and locked in his room before we could make something. We can hear his cries what shows us that he is still alive. But now get your ass here!" before Siwon could make one more sound he raised from his bed and almost run to the front door and then to his car, driving as fast as he could to get in Super Junior's dorm.

"Yesung, I need to say something to you." Siwon said while they were sitting in Yesung's bed.

"Say it." Yesung smiled lightly making Siwon's heart get tighter.

"I was thinking to myself." Siwon whispered looking to his lap. "That I don't love you anymore."

"W-What?" Yesung asked, his face getting serious.

"We can't be together hyung. You must face that." Siwon laughed nervously trying to take his eyes away from Yesung's full of tears.

"You can't say such a thing." Yesung said with a broken voice. "You... You can't" Yesung yelled and pulled Siwon's arms trying to make Siwon look at him, and Siwon did it, and it hurt Siwon too much.

"Sorry hyung." Siwon said and then left the man crying and sobbing in his bed while he went to his parent's house. Passing through the TV room all the eyes of the others members went to him making he feel worst with his lie.

Siwon drove so fast that in about three minutes he was already knocking in Super Junior's door and getting inside when a cry Sungmin opened it. He went running to Yesung and Ryeowook's door and found almost everyone sitting in the corridor crying silently to hear Yesung crying and have sure that he was still alive. But none of them still did a sound when Siwon got there, all cold eyes to the man who pushed his body against the door trying to open it in any way.

"Hyung! Open the door! It's me!" Siwon screamed pushing his body again and again making too much noise for someone hear if Yesung was still sobbing or not. But with so much strong pushes the door gave up and Siwon could enter in the bedroom to find Yesung curled in the side of the door with his eyes closed and his little hands in his ears. Too much tears were falling from his eyes. "Sorry hyung. Sorry." Siwon started to say hugging Yesung tightly. "My parents told me that Lord doesn't approve those kinds of things and that I should stop." Siwon said starting to cry together with Yesung's sobs. "But I see that Lord doesn't like of lies either. So why should I do this?"

"I'm... Sorry... Si...Won..." Yesung sobbed in Siwon's shoulder making the man stay confused, but his eyes went to Yesung's side and saw a box of medicine completely empty. "I ate... them... Because You... Weren't here... Anymore..."

"Call an Ambulance!" Siwon screamed freeing Yesung for a moment to the other members hear him, but soon he was with his arms around Yesung again. "It's ok Yesung, everything is going to be ok."

"Don't... lie to... me Siwon..." Yesung sobbed making guilty raise in his stomach.

"I'm not lying, I'm promising you." Siwon whispered, his tears falling in the dark hair of Yesung who was shaking.

"Don't... leave me... again... Siwon..."

"I won't... I won't..." Siwon said now moving Yesung to his lap as the man was a little baby. "I love you too much to do this again... Too much."

"I do... it too... Siwon..." Yesung sobbed, Siwon feeling his body getting hotter, probably a fever.

"The same as I do?" Siwon asked trying to laugh a little in the middle of his tears.

"The same." Yesung said with his head in the middle of Siwon's neck.

Then the only sobs that could be hear were Siwon's.

When Yesung stopped of cry four men entered in the room and took, with too much effort, Yesung from Siwon's embrace.

One man looked to the box with the medicines Yesung swallowed and sighed.

Another started to make pressure against Yesung's chest trying to make his little heart beat again, but this one failed.

Then the third man came with a machine and they opened Yesung's shirt to start sending jolts in his chest to revive Yesung's heart.

The fourth man was holding Siwon a litte away from Yesung and checking his pulse and pression.

But then Siwon started to cry so much more that started to hurt him and he got away from the fourth man's arms to get in his knees beside Yesung.

Yesung's chest was moving little by little, but it was enough.

He was sent to the hospital, but it was still enough.

While Siwon was sitting in front of Yesung in his hospital room, alone, the man was sleeping again, but it was enough for he be there, for his heart still keep beating and for the other night Yesung say that he forgave Siwon.

Siwon knelt in the floor with his hands in the bed and with his eyes closed.

"I promise you Lord that I'll never lie again. I know that this is one of the biggest sin."

Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: angst, !pairing: yewon
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