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[Fanfiction] Super Show II

100 SuJu Fiction Challenge - Archive

Super Show II
Theme: 024. Spotlight, Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Kyumin
Raiting: PG
Genre: fluffy
Summary: Everything can be hidden through fanservice.

AN: happy anniversary of 11 months of marriage lee_jinki and mi_nnie. love you ♥

Kyuhyun was looking to Sungmin while they were performing Gee in front of the big sapphire blue sea of elfs screaming and singing along. The way Sungmin was dancing was doing Kyuhyun smile and dance along. He could just go through Sungmin, with a tie in his hair and skinny pants, but he needed to be a part of Kyuyoung. While this Sungmin was dancing and waving his body to make Kyuhyun notice him, because he really enjoied see Kyuhyun with that long wig and even knowing that Kyuhyun couldn't do anything while that, he was just liking to tease the man.

But soon Gee part of the show ended and Sunny started doing they all run around the big stage to sing the song with all the elfs. But even with now all the members together in the stage and their freedom to do fanservice, Kyuhyun and Sungmin just stayed one in each side of the stage fooling around with the others, but their eyes were always looking at each other. But while Pajama Party, Kyuhyun was holding himself to not go on in where Eunhyuk was fooling around with his Sungmin, because if he did it he wouldn't let go of Sungmin again.

But, seeing that Kyuhyun was glaring, Sungmin did a grin to where Kyuhyun was singing with his long wig waving and started to sing walking to there. He wasn't caring if a lot of elfs were looking to them or if all this was being shown in the screen along with Yesung and Ryeowook hugging themselves, but he walked straight to where Kyuhyun was and hugged the man from behind letting his chin rest in Kyuhyun's shoulder while the both were singing and smiling. Kyuhyun tensed his body a little but forgot that they were still doing a show and kissed Sungmin's cheek. A big scream came from all the elfs and Kyuhyun got all red realizing what he just did and smiled to the floor. Sungmin just hugged Kyuhyun tighter and also kissed the man's cheek doing the elfs scream even more.

"I love you." Sungmin whispered in Kyuhyun's ear and went smiled embaressed as a lot of flashes of cameras was turning to them.

"Me too." Kyuhyun said when the song ended, but intead of whispering to Sungmin he said it outloud in the mic making elfs scream again.

The lights turned off as they needed to go change clothes and Sungmin kissed Kyuhyun in his lips lightly and went away following everyone to the backstage. Kyuhyun smiled and followed all them.


fail fail fail, short short short DX *feeling that will be hit in the shopping today by mi_nnie and lee_jinki*
Tags: !birthday fic, !challenge fic, !pairing: kyumin
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