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[Fanfiction] One Night in China

Title: One night in China
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook/Henry
Rating: NC-17, for smut
Disclaimer: I sadly don't own them, just the plot.
Summary: Ryeowook was really missing something, and Henry was at the right place and the "something" also came in the right time.

AN: this fic is for mi_nnie, who is wanting for a long time for a VERYBOTTOM!wook and thanks for lee_jinki who helped me with all my mistakes. I love you both~. Enjoy ^^

It was dark in Ryeowook and Henry's bedroom. Super Junior M was now in China and the couple was in the same bedroom just because Ryeowook always felt very comfortable close to Henry. But in that night Ryeowook was feeling a terrible miss for Yesung, he said that he would make some visits for him. But it was now 2 days and nothing of him. But it was more than a simple miss. Ryeowook wants to have sex, or better, he wants to be fucked.

Ryeowook keeps rolling in the bed, the hardness coming to him while his toughts went to Yesung. But than, when he tried to control himself in the quiet room, he heard some little moans come from Henry's bed... in his side... so close. Ryeowook didn't even thought twice when he raised up and slowly moved Henry's bare white skin shoulders waking him up.

"Henli~~" he called and Henry looked, still half asleep, to him.

"What do you want Wook ah?" the moan came sweetly and Ryeowook got even more turned on.

"Henli~~" Ryeowook whispers. "I want..." than he raised above Henry, with his legs on either side of Henry's hips and his hands beside Henry's head. "That you..." than he kissed Henry's ear and neck. "Fuck me."

The younger boy suddenly didn't feel sleeply anymore. He could feel Ryeowook's arousal rushing in his crescent hardness and this, plus Ryeowook's hot kisses, was getting him more and more turned on.

"Do you... Really..." Henry was finding it difficult to talk with Ryeowook's kisses going down and down to his naked chest.

"Yes, yes, yes." came the softly moans of Ryeowook close to Henry's arousal.

"Oh God." Henry said in delight with Ryeowook's hand rushing his hardness.

Ryeowook stopped and went to Henry's lips. He kissed him hardly and almost felt the taste of blood in his tongue. But Ryeowook wasn't caring, he needed it. Henry's hands passed by Ryeowook's shirt and took it off and than he pushed Ryeowook and stayed above him. They felt urgency to take their pants off and they notice that the pants were removed when their arousal touched each other, both of them sharing moans against the kisses for the hottness of feeling the other's skin.

Ryeowook pushed Henry a little broking their kiss apart and then put two fingers in Henry's mouth. Henry licked them sweetly, even being virgin, Henry knew for what it would come, his eyes half closed. Then he opened his eyes again when Ryeowook took his fingers out and Henry stayed a little away of Ryeowook's body just watching Ryeowook's fingers going down to his own entrance. Henry felt little shivers seeing how Ryeowook was preparing himself with his fingers in and out of himself.

"Oh~ I need..." Ryeowook moaned loudly calling for Henry, but when the younger was about to move and to be closer to Ryeowook someone opens the door.

"Wook~~ Surprise~~!" came Yesung's low voice from the door, but just Henry looked to where the voice was coming, Ryeowook was still scissoring. "W-what..."

When Ryeowook heard Yesung's voice, he pushed Henry away and jumped to Yesung's open arms, embracing his legs in Yesung's hips.

"I was missing you... So much..." Ryeowook was whispering against Yesung's neck moving his hips against Yesung's.

"Wook..." Yesung moaned rubbing his hands in Ryeowook's bare back and butt. "Then you choosed the little Henry?"

"I need Yesung ah. Please~~" Ryeowook whispered again against Yesung's neck, moving his hips against a now hard Yesung and taking the older's shirt off leaving his defined chest exposed.

By the other side of the room Henry was stroking himself seeing Ryeowook in Yesung's lap.

"I have a better idea." Yesung said loudly and walked to Henry's bed where the owner was having fun alone. The older raised in the bed and stayed in knees still with Ryeowook in his lap. He turned to Henry, Ryeowook still attacking his neck, and took the younger's hand off himself putting his own hand in the place, approaching to Henry's ear and whispering. "You can play with me and Wook." then Yesung touched Henry's lips with his own.

Ryeowook, left behind, attacked Henry's chest, his kisses going slowly down. Ryeowook took Yesung's hand off Henry's and then licked all the extension of Henry's arousal "It taste good." Ryeowook moaned, putting all of Henry's lenght in his mouth. Henry was feeling so good with the wet and hot mouth of Ryeowook in his cock, plus Yesung's tongue in his mouth, that he couldn't even put his thoughts in order. Then Yesung broke their kiss and his mouth ran from Henry's neck and chest to Ryeowook's back, Ryeowook still working in Henry's cock, letting that the only sound filling the room came from Henry's groans.

Yesung got positioned behind Ryeowook's back, spreading his ass cheeks. He took his pants off and with just a move, entered in Ryeowook hot and tight hole leaving a moan escape from his mouth. When Ryewook felt complete he made more friction against Henry's penis. While Yesung went back and forth in Ryeowook, enjoying that so known entrance, Ryeowook was taking Henry to the heaven while his moans were making more friction in Henry's cock, making him even closer to his orgasm . Then, when Yesung hit Ryeowook's spot, that one suck Henry's cock in such a sexy way that Henry leave all his cum in Ryeowook's mouth, that one licking all and still moaning with Yesung thrusting him hard.

Ryeowook was closing his entrance and leaving him so much tight that Yesung couldn't hold on anymore and after one more thrust in Ryeowook's spot, he released himself inside Ryeowook. Ryeowook was still hard, and seeing that Yesung and Henry weren't caring about it, he decided that he wanted to play with the other two.

The older was lying in one side, with his eyes closed and in the edge of the bed was Henry, his eyes also closed. Ryeowook started with the younger. He lay on top of Henry, his still hard cock passing against Henry's "empty". Ryeowook, then started to kiss all of Henry's neck and chest and passing his hands along his little toned body. Henry was now half hard, the room again being filled with his soft moans. Yesung, still by his side of the bed was just watching the couple while his hardness was coming back.

Henry then got some strength and pushed Ryeowook against the bed, his arms getting on either side of his head while Ryeowook's legs embraced his hips, the younger kissed Ryeowook hardly. Then Ryeowook turned in Henry's arms, his ass a little raised. Getting on his knees and pulling Ryeowook's hips for him, Henry put just a little of his arousal in Ryeowook, already feeling the hot hole consuming him.

"More..." Ryeowook whispered and Henry pushed all of his lenght inside of him.

When Henry went completely in Ryeowook, he couldn't even breathe, it was such a good feeling and he was trying to get it at maximum. Then Henry started to thrust in and out of Ryoewook, his stocks getting stronger. Then Yesung, who was strocking himself just seeing the two, joined to them getting behind Henry and kissing the white and soft skin of his shoulders and back.

"This can be so much cool." Yesung whispered in Henry's ear. The younger couldn't know how it could be more cool and Ryeowook was happy to get Henry behind him, fucking him, that he thought it couldn't take more. Then the older put a finger in Henry's entrance, he put it slowly as the younger didn't know what expect. Henry stopped with the thrusts, just feeling Yesung's finger inside of him. "Now imagine more there inside." Yesung whispered adding another finger.

"Please..." Henry whispered still holding Ryeowook, who was accepting the little stop only because he knew that it would be really fun. Then Yesung took his fingers off and put almost everything of his arousal inside of Henry. The younger boy as so much fucking tighter than Ryeowook that Yesung had to use all of his strenght to not jerk off so soon. "Go..."

With the last question Yesung took everything in the tight entrance, stopping to the younger get used with the new feeling. Yesung took him off and then put in again, his hips doing a strenght that Henry started to move inside of Ryeowook again. With one more thrust, Yesung got in Henry's spot and Ryeowook, under Henry, could feel the older hit the younger's spot, because Henry's thrusts was getting erratic. Then when Yesung got back and once again entered Henry, that one took the older strenght along with his own to thrust harder inside of Ryeowook. As soon as Yesung's thrusts got stronger, with two more thrusts Ryeowook could feel his spot being hit.

Because of the hot of their bodys the room was getting hotter and Yesung could feel it with the hot of Henry's hole, who was now getting closer to his release with his spot being pressed and with his arousal in Ryeowook. The man beneath Henry was feeling this all with much more intensity than the two, because his spot was being touched by the strength of Henry along with Yesung's strength. Then Henry's hand took his arousal and with some two more thrusts he released himself in Henry's hand. The younger, feeling Ryeowook's entrance tightening, also released himself with a soft moan. Then Yesung thrusted once more and jerked himself inside of Henry.

The three got disconnected and fell in the little bed, Ryeowook layed between the other two.

"I was needing just one man and surprisingly had two." Ryeowook said sleeply looking to the ceiling of the bedroom.

"I came just in time." Yesung said turning to Ryeowook and holding in his waist.

"Thanks for tonight." Henry said shyly and then Ryeowook embraced him in the level of his chest, Ryeowook's waist sill with Yesung.

"I think that the comeback of Super Junior M can be very fun for us." Yesung said.

"I would really enjoy." Ryeowook whispered before sleep with his head in Henry's asleep shoulder and waist in Yesung's - also asleep - warm embrace.


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Tags: !fic, !genre: smut, !ot3, !ot3: yehenwook, !pairing: yewook

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