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[Fanfiction] Accidents just happen

100 SuJu fic challenge - Archive.

Accidents just happen
Author: polari_s
Theme: 017. Accidents, Ryeowook/Ryeowook
Raiting: G
Genre: comedy.
Pairing: if you want you'll see yewook :D
Summary: Ryeowook was alone in Suju's dorm and have a not so wonderful idea.
A/N: mi_nnie and lee_jinki, sorry for disappear!! i love you both ok~ and sorry for any errors.

Ryeowook was alone at the house on that night. He could, of course, have something productive to do, as watching TV, or cooking, or even singing, but no, he was determined to learn some ballet. As everyone was eating outside - Ryeowook didn't want it, because he wasn't hungry after eating a lot of ice cream - Ryeowook went to Hankyung's room and took a pair of those tights pants and shirt. When he put the clothes on he felt so much awkward that thanked to God he was alone. Putting a DVD with some concerts of ballet, Ryeowook started to dance on the TV room following the dancers.

"It isn't so much hard!" Ryeowook exclaimed happy of getting the most of the steps. "If this pants weren't so tight!"

But while he danced - and turned - one of his knees hit the little table between the room making Ryeowook to fall in the ground.

"Oh Oh Oh. It huuuuurts." the young boy started to cry massaging the hurt knee. "Paaaaain."

He took off the tight pant, staying just on his underwear, and when he saw some blood there he cried even more.

"I'm going to dieeee!!"

Realizing that as no one was at home to take care of him, he raised from the floor and went jumping with just one leg to the kitchen trying to find something to put in the hurt knee. Still crying he found a box with a lot of band-aid and sitting in the chair he put it and, seeing that it didn't hid all the cut, he put more two.

"Aaaish, it still huuuurting." he cried more.

"Wook?" came a soft voice in the front door.

Getting scared for the sudden sound, Ryeowook fell from the chair and, now feeling pain also in his butt, he screamed crying. "Yeyeeeeee. I'm going to dieeeeeeeee!!"

"Wook?" Yesung asked going in the kitchen were the sounds of the little Ryeowook were coming. "What hap..."

Then the older started to laugh of Ryeowook's situation, sitting in the floor using just a underwear and a tight shirt and his knee full of band-aid.

"Don't laaaugh hyuuung." Ryeowook started to cry more. "I'm in paaain."

"Ok ok Wook." Yesung said going down caressing his back. "It will pass. But, what did you do?"

"I was dancing and hurt my knee, and, when you entered, you scared me, so I fell." he cried caressing his hurt knee and butt.

Yesung was going to laugh again, but when he noticed the younger's face, he stopped. "Why did you tried to dance?"

"I wanted... and I was... bored." the young said sobbing.

"Ok, so come here." Yesung then took Ryeowook on his arms and took him to their room and left the young man on his own bed.

"Yeyeee, promise me that you won't tell them what I did?" Ryeowook asked while Yesung sat in his side still caressing the young's back.

"I promise Wook. Accidents happen."


comments are love~~ ^^
Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: comedy, !pairing: yewook
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