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[Fanfiction] Bathrooms are private places

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Bathrooms are private place
Author: polari_s
Theme: 036. Bathroom Tiles, Hankyung/Shiwon
Raiting: NC-17, for smut
Summary: Donghae wasn't supposed to see what he saw against those bathroom tiles.

A/N: it is from a third person's point of view.

The filmings for that day required so much from Super Junior M's members that all they were tired when got home again. Donghae felt really tired for dancing all day long and lay on his bed waiting for when his hyungs would left the bathrom so he could use it. But soon that the young man lay in the bed he was in deeply asleep.

When Donghae woke up it was already dark and he was feeling very dirty for sleeping without his bath. Donghae got up and thought that the silence on the room was strange then noticing a little paper in his bed table.


We went out to eat and as you were so tired we left you, we'll take some food for you, don't worrie ^^


So Donghae just took a towel and went to the bathroom, but something stopped him. It had someone using the shower. Donghae sighed and when he was going back to his bedroom he stopped once again hearing some moans coming from the bathroom.

The young man went back to the said place and slowly opened a little of the door getting surprised for what he saw. In the wall of the bathroom was Hangeng looking to the wall with Siwon pushing him against those cold tiles. Donghae stayed stopped while he saw Siwon whisper something in the leader's ear and then his big hand going along Hangeng's body until his butt and Donghae knew that one of Siwon's fingers slowly entered in Hangeng's entry as the older moaned out loud.

"Don't moan so loud Hangeng, you will wake up Donghae." the young man heard Siwon talking in the other's ear while his hand was scissoring the older.

"Si-Siwon..." Hengeng said, his breathe failing and his hand trying hard to hold on in the wall.

"What my dear?" Siwon asked and Donghae once again knew that he added a new finger when Hangeng moaned louder.

"More..." then Siwon took off his fingers and squeezed his hip harder against Hangeng in the cold tiles.

"Do you want this?" Siwon asked with a husky voice sending shivers through Donghae, the one outside seeing Hangeng almost collapse in the shower.

"Y-Yes... Please... Fuck me now." the older begged, Donghae seeing a side of his leader that he never saw before, and didn't want to see more.

Donghae could clearly have left the bathroom and went to his bed waiting for the couple finish their job, but it was so sexy and hot that Donghae's eyes were stuck in that scene. Specially when Siwon turned Hangeng, put the older's legs around his hip and, with a strong thrust, invaded Hangeng's entry. They stayed stop for a little, Hangeng's mouth opened in Siwon's shoulder, then Siwon started slow thrusts making the room being filled with moans.

"Faster... S-Stronger..." Hangeng was moaning while outside Donghae's hand went to his mouth as his breathe also got harder seeing the now Siwon's powerful thrusts making the older man hit the tiles hardly. One of Siwon's hand that was holding the older, went to the other's arousal stroking him and the older was almost screaming, none of them caring anymore for the "asleep" Donghae.

Siwon was thrusting more and more against Hangeng and Donghae knew that the spot of the leader was being hit over and over again. It was too much for Hangeng when he came in Siwon's hand and Donghae also knew that Siwon came soon after as Hangeng's entry went tighter. Siwon slowly took off from Hangeng, but still with the man in his arms he went beneath the hot water and washed his face and chest.

"We need to leave before Donghae wakes." Siwon said with Hangeng's sleepy eyes gazing him.

Donghae then almost run, trying not making any sound, and in his room he went under his sheets and took his phone, his fingers typing Eunhyuk's number.

After seeing what he saw, he needed get released, soon.


comments are welcomed~! ^-^

and here goes the eunhae sequel :D
Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !pairing: sihan
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