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[Fanfiction] Three Times

100 SuJu Fic Challenge - Archive

Three Times
Author: polari_s
Theme: 033. Flirt, Yesung/Kibum
Raiting: NC-17, for smut
Summary: Of course that after that the flirts would keep going.
A/N: it is a bottom!kibum and lee_jinki! this is for you as you are waiting for more yekibum!! ily~

It was the third time this day that Yesung was going crazy.

The first time was in the morning when he woke up and went to the empty kitchen. While he was on foot in the sink, drinking his precious coffee, Kibum entered the kitchen only wearing his white pajamas - wich one that could show his little toned body - and passed his hand along Yesung's back sending shivers in the older.

"Good morning hyung." Kibum said then smiled, THAT gorgeous smile that made all his face get lightened.

"M-morning." Yesung stuttered hypnotized for that man who just took some cookies in a pot and then left the kitchen, his back being followed by Yesung's gaze. The older then shaked his head and went back to his coffee, he couldn't think like this to his dongseang.

The second time was after a training. As Kibum hurt his leg, he wasn't there training, so Yesung's thoughts were away from the young man while they were dancing and singing. Later they all got tired and sweaty, they went to the bathroom, that had a lot of separeted showers for them. But while Yesung entered first in the clouded bathroom, the only person that could be seen was Kibum using just a towel on his hips, his wet torso completely naked.

"Hi hyung." Kibum said with THAT sweet smile again, but now with a little touch of sexiness, then passing his hand lightly through Yesung's chest and just leaving the older alone in the bathroom. Yesung went fast in a shower and relieved himself with his thoughts in Kibum while the hot water was tracing his body. "Shit." he moaned when he relieved. "This isn't right."

The third time was back on Super Junior's dorm. All of them - or most of all as Kibum left his own training earlier and Heechul went to his floor above - entered the room talking and laughing about randoms things. But soon Heechul went to the 11th floor.

"Hey. Do you guys know where Kibum is?" Heechul asked while he entered looking to the others in the kitchen and TV room. "He isn't in our dorm and he doesn't answer my phone calls."

"He must had left with the manager or something like." Teuk said comforting Heechul. "He wouldn't disappear, also as our manager."

"I will sleep." Yesung suddenly said going to his room. He was worried about Kibum even without showing to everybody. "He wouldn't just left like this and don't say nothing specially to his FAVORITE hyung." Yesung thought feeling jealous while he entered in his dark room. "Oh... My..."

Yesung stayed paralyzed in the door when he lit the light on and his eyes stopped in the young boy asleep on HIS bed using just his pants. His torso once again naked to Yesung's gaze. Yesung went slowly until the asleep man and shaked him lightly.

"K-Kibum... What are you d-doing here?" Yesung muttered while Kibum slowly opened his eyes looking to Yesung with a face so innocent but yet sexy.

"I was waiting for you hyung." The younger said pulling Yesung by his hand. "I wanted you all day long..." then the younger's words were swallowed by Yesung's hungry mouth.

"You also made me to want you all day long." the older whispered against their kiss lying above Kibum.

"It was the... intention." the younger whispered losing his breath when Yesung's mouth was trailing his chest. Yesung's hand pulled Kibum's arm above the other's head while his mouth was licking and sucking the other's nipples. "I... dreamed with this for so long." Kibum whispered, surprised that he could form some phrase while his back was arching rubbing more against Yesung's mouth and putting his legs around the older's waist.

"I thought about this all day long." Yesung said looking to Kibum, but with his mouth in the other's stomach. "I imagined me trailing you body..." his hand leaving Kibum's arm and going through his torso. "I imagined me feeling your skin..." his hands now rubbing Kibum's hips. "And feeling you all... You seduced me today Kibum... If you don't want this, then it was better if you didn't flirt me around."

"It's this what I want hyung." Kibum whispered lustful pushing his hardnees in Yesung's stomach. "I want this and so much more..."

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Yesung asked, his hands going beneath Kibum's pants in his back and rubbing his butt. "Do you?"

"Y-Yes..." Kibum whispered nodding with his hand still above his head and still arching his back. "Fuck me."

Then the older went back to Kibum's lips and kissed him hardly while the younger's hands were taking off Yesung's clothes. Yesung took off quickly Kibum's pants and both felt the taste of blood in their mouth soon that their hardness met each other. The air was being less for them when Yesung broke the kiss to put two fingers in Kibum's mouth. The younger licked with his eyes locked in Yesung's, both full of lust. Their gaze were still locked when Yesung took off his fingers leading them to Kibum's entry and put them making Kibum lose a breathe and arch his back. The older couldn't stop himself anymore seeing Kibum beneath him in that sexy way driving him crazy, so he took off his fingers and put a the tip of his arousal inside Kibum. The younger felt pain at first, then he couldn't hold a moan after begging for more from Yesung. Obeying the young, Yesung put almost all of himself in Kibum, Yesung stopped watching Kibum's face that contained a little of pain.

"Why aren't... you moving?" Kibum asked, his chest begging for air.

"You're in pain." Yesung said calmly taking off Kibum's sweat hair from his face.

"Yes, but... I want more pleasure." Kibum whispered then rising one of his legs along Yesung's body until stop in Yesung's shoulder and slowly he did the same with the other leg. With this position Yesung could put more of him in Kibum feeling the tight place being open to his hardness. "Move." the word were whispered from Kibum's sexy lips.

So did Yesung thrusting in Kibum, his hands were traveling along the younger's chest, back of his legs, butt and all more that he could to touch as Kibum was stroking himself in the same rhythm as Yesung inside of him. Kibum felt as his body was on fire when he felt Yesung thrust into his spot and Yesung, seeing the effect of that, hit more and more in that spot making the younger see stars in his eyes and then released in his hand and Yesung's belly. When Yesung felt the cum of Kibum in his stomach, he also felt Kibum involuntarily making his entry tighter and he couldn't hold on anymore releasing him inside Kibum.

They stayed like this for more a second, then Yesung pulled off from the younger's body and lay beside him, Kibum turning to him and resting an arm in the older's chest. Their breathe was still hard, but now slowly calming. Their gaze met each other and none needed to talk anything, because, specially for Yesung, the flirts could keep going on.


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Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !pairing: yebum
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