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[Fanfiction] Talk To You

100 SuJu Fic Challenge - archive

Title: Talk To You
Author: polari_s
Theme: 096. "I Like You. I Like You. I Like You." WC
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Raiting: NC-17, for smut!
Summary: "It's just that... I need to talk to you... Now..." came more moans of Donghae.

A/N: this fic is a sequel to Bathroom are Private Places, but you don't have to read it to get this one :D

A/N2: it is for Donghae birthday! ^-^

A/N3: lee_jinki you know that this is for you!! i like you, i like you, i like you <3
love you~

"Hello?" Eunhyuk's voice came over the phone.

"Eunhyuk... I... I need you..." came the soft whisper sending shivers down Eunhyuk's back.

"W-Who is it?"

"Its me Eunhyuk! It's your fish!" Donghae moaned again a little angry. "And I need you."

"What did you do?" Eunhyuk asked a little worried rising up of his bed and walking in circles in the room.

"I'm fine Eunhyuk... It's just that... I need to talk to you... Now..." came more moans of Donghae and even worried, Eunhyuk couldn't fight back what those moans were doing to him.

"So talk."

"Eunhyuk... I want you..." Donghae moaned in the phone. "I want you to touch my skin, I want to thrust on you... I want your mouth around me... Oh Eunhyuk... I miss you so much here in China..."

"W-What happened Donghae?" Eunhyuk asked with his mouth dry sitting in his bed trying to forget about the crescent place in his pants.

"I saw Siwon fucking Hangeng hyung in the bathroom and... I wanted to do the same with you, but right now..."

"W-Why di-did you see that?" Eunhyuk stuttered going red just in the thought of Siwon and Hangeng doing those things in the bathroom.

"It was sexy! And... I couldn't keep my mind away from you..." Donghae moaned softly and Eunhyuk knew that the boy was stroking himself. "Help me Hyuk..."

"Don-Donghae ah~" Eunhyuk said without know what to do, just knowing that his pants were getting even tighter.

"Please Hyuk ah~. I'm stroking myself thinking of you, I'm naked here for you imagining your body against mine... Imagining you touching me... Imagining my hands along your white and strong arms..."

Eunhyuk couldn't stop himself for lay in the bed and taking off his pants to release his arousal and start to jerk himself slowly. From the older's mouth came a moan and Donghae, in the other side of the phone left a laugh followed by a moan.

"That's right Eunhyuk... Please... Think that my mouth is against your skin... That I'm preparing you for me..." Eunhyuk then put two fingers in his entrance, the hot and sexy whispers of Donghae going to his ear as his moans were traveling to the younger. "Oh yes Eunhyuk... I remember how tight you are... You are so hot..."

"D-Donghae..." Eunhyuk moaned adding a new finger. "I need more, hae..."

"You still have that vibrator, right?" asked Donghae's husky voice sending more shivers to Eunhyuk who stopped with his fingers looking for the said object in his side of the bed.

Turning it on, Eunhyuk put in himself sending moans and moans through the phone making the younger stroking himself faster. Eunhyuk was thrusting the object in himself faster and faster as their moans were mixing together in their rooms. The two were feeling as their body were really touching each other, their body sweating and their hips hitting in each other powerfully.

"Oh Eunhyuk ah~ I'm so close... Come first... For me..." Then Eunhyuk thrusted the vibrator stronger in himself feeling it hit his spot, after two more strokes in that place Eunhyuk came letting a soft moan and Donghae, in the other side of the phone, also came after hearing the soft moan of his lover.

"Oh Eunhyuk..." the whisper came making Eunhyuk want to sleep. "You are so good... I like you for this. You are perfect, so I like you... You are sexy, and I like you..." the whispers of Donghae going each time lower. "You have a brightly smile, so I like you... Man, I love you..."

"Donghae ah~" Eunhyuk called sleepy.


"I like you, I like you and I like you, all by the same motives... But... In top of everything... I love you..." Eunhyuk said almost sleeping, but conscious about his words.

"Thanks Eunhyuk ah~. Good sleep."

Then the both turned the phone off and slept, in their mind they were together in the same room, in the same bed sharing each other's arms.


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Tags: !birthday fic, !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !pairing: eunhae
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