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[Fanfiction] Hotel Rooms

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Hotel Rooms
Author: polari_s
Theme:092. Gorgeous, WC *
Pairing: Kyuhyun + Sungmin + Ryeowook (call it how you want to)
Raiting: NC-17, for smut
Summary: It was raining plus the thunders, Kyuhyun had to take care of his hyungs.

AN: mi_nnie!!! this is for you! it is your birthday fiction, happy birthday! :D remember that you have 15 years now, you are getting old and have permition to read this :DD ilu ciça~~ hope you like it ^-^

AN2: i HAVE to say that i dreamed about the start of the smut :DD and i was female!sungmin don't be afraid, he was just female in my dream, when i was him/her, here he is a man :DDDDDDDDDDDD

It didn't make sense, of course that they could just stay at home eating candies, strawberry ice-cream and those things as it was they day off, but no, they were Super Junior's members and they needed to "try" to travel to nowhere with a strong rain. In the begining they thought it was ok as the rain was little and they were going to south (as if this could change something). But it happened that the rain was so much that they needed to stop in the first hotel that they could see to get a telephone, as theirs wasn't working anymore.

Heechul was the first to get out the car and run to the hotel, he was trying to be calmed down by Hankyung and Siwon who followed him soon after. Ryeowook almost ran to find a bathroom in the hotel while Donghae and Eunhyuk ran splashing the dirty water on the floor getting dirty as well and just stopping when Teuk and Kangin grabbed their wrists and took them to the hotel where Kibum, Yesung and Shindong were already, the first two talking a little excited. The last to get out of the car was Kyuhyun comforting Sungmin who was scared of the thunders.

"Aish, I said we should stay at home!" Heechul was the one yelling. "I want my bed and just that!"

"Stay calm hyung." Siwon was saying leading him a little away of the balcony where an old man was staring at them.

"I-I saw you in the TV." the old man said adjusting his glasses in his eyes.

"Yeah. We are Su..." Yesung started to talk but then Kibum put his hand in the older's mouth interrupting him.

"You must be mistaken.." Kibum said smiling lightly to the man and then also leading Yesung a little away talking with him.

"We need a telephone. Do you have one?" Teuk asked leaving Donghae's wrist making him to take Eunhyuk away of Kangin and then they both sat on the floor and started to talk.

"I'm sorry, but the only one we had ended up breaking." the old man said.

"Fuck!" came Heechul's scream and soon he was in the balcony. "I'm tired and it's fucking raining so much! So give us a room! I want one with a giant bed!"

"Oh... I have just one." the man said showing a key that soon was hid in Heechul's hand who went off to find his own room being followed with Siwon and Hangeng. "I have others 5 rooms for two people." he said putting all the keys in the balcony.

"All you, get your rooms in couples, tomorrow morning I want all of you here at 7AM!"

"Ok hyung..." all they said while were taking the key and separating in couples, Kibum and Yesung talking quietly while walking, Eunhyuk and Donghae jumping and kidding around. Then Kyuhyun and Sungmin got a room to them and went silently to room number 15. Teuk stared at only Shindong there with a only key.

"Who is missing?" Teuk asked looking around.

"Is Ryeowook." Shindong said still sleepy even with some thunders going on.

"Can you wait for him?" Kangin asked pulling Teuk closer by his waist.

"Of course hyung." Shindong answered after staying alone with the old man, Kangin and Teuk sharing their own room.

"Mister..." Shindong started.

"Call me Jiwoon."

"Can you tell to the boy who will come here to go to the room number..." Shindong looked with lazy eyes to his key. "number five?"

"Of course." the man answered looking to his things.

"Good night Jiwoon hyung." Shindong said leaving the man alone and going to his, and Ryeowook, room.

It passed more 15 minutes untill Ryeowook got in the balcony all wet of the rain and with his eyes red for crying.

"I-I Where are the others?" Ryeowok asked to Jiwoon.

"They went to sleep and your room is the number five."

"Oh. Ok then." Ryeowook said with some tears still falling from his eyes. He passed in those doors started with 20, then 19, then 18, 17, 16 and the number five. Ryeowook thought that it was strange as after the number 14 was coming, but he wasn't caring, he needed someone.

However, going back to when Kyuhyun and Sungmin entered in the room, Sungmin was still feeling scare as the thunders were continuing.

"Kyuhyun ah~!" Sungmin screamed and grabbed Kyuhyun's arm soon as Kyuhyun closed the door behind him.

"Calm down Sungmin." Kyuhyun said hugging his hyung and leading him to the bed. "Let's just sleep."

"Ok Kyuhyun ah." Sungmin whispered lying the bed, but when Kyuhyun didn't lay too and gave his back to him, he screamed. "Kyuhyun ah! Stay here!"

"But... Ok Sungmin..." Kyuhyun said tired going back to the older's bed.

Lying in the bed, Kyuhyun held Sungmin in his arms facing the older's back and the both felt a shiver down in their back, but didn't make anything to stop this.

"Kyuhyun ah." Sungmin whispered a little sleepy feeling the younger's arms tighter. But then, a knock came from the door.

"Sleep well hyung." Kyuhyun whispered kissing Sungmin's shoulder going to the door and getting surprised to see a wet and crying Ryeowook. "What are you doing here Ryeowook hyung?"

"I-I..." Ryeowook started to cry and to sob more while Kyuhyun held him tight.

"Tell me what happened."

"I got locked in the bathroom and.... and the thunders... and the rain..." Ryeowook said under his crescents sobs.

"Sh Ryeo... Calm down." the younger said passing his hand in Ryeowook's back while closed the door and took Ryeowook to the other bed still hugging him.

Kyuhyun made the same thing that he did before with Sungmin, the shivers also there while his arms were around the older.

"Hyunnie..." Ryeowook cried pulling Kyuhyun's arm closer around him.

"R-Ryeo..." Kyuhyun muttered a little worried for what could going to happen.

"Hyunnie." Ryeowook whispered turning his body in Kyuhyun's arm making the younger to shiver more as Ryeowook's face was so close for his. Looking still with red eyes to Kyuhyun, Ryeowook whispered again making their body closer, if this could be possible. "Hyunnie."

Then the younger made their lips together pulling Kyuhyun's neck closer. Ryeowook licked the other's bottom lip and Kyuhyun accepted deepening the kiss making it more intense.

"Ryeo..." Kyuhyun moaned with Ryeowook pushing his body forward. "Ryeo... Hyung is sleeping..."

But Ryeowook was trying to be so close to Kyuhyun that made them fall in the floor in the middle of the two hotel's bed, Sungmin still looking asleep.

"Hyunnie..." Ryeowook whispered again, he above kissing Kyuhyun hardly.

In the other hand, Sungmin wasn't asleep, his eyes were just shut. In fact, Sungmin was getting angry. Kyuhyun was HIS, everyone knew that. And to hear HIS Kyuhyun's moans with Ryeowook, made him to be more and more mad for not being invited to this little "party".

"Call... Hyung..." Ryeowook whispered against Kyuhyun's lips and that one didn't hesitated to put his hand up and touch Sungmin's arm to wake him.

"Sungmin ah... Come here..." Kyuhyun moaned loud, Ryeowook's mouth licking and sucking his neck.

Sungmin got suddenly very happy and didn't take to much time to go in the floor. Kyuhyun's body went a little uncovered by Ryeowook, his hands taking Kyuhyun's shirt off then opening space to Sungmin lick and suck Kyuhyun's neck and chest together with Ryeowook.

"Hyungs..." Kyuhyun was moaning pushing his chest to the other's mouth.

"Calm down Kyuhyun ah." Sungmin said holding his hip in the floor then looking to Ryeowook and pulling his face away from Kyuhyun's chest to his mouth kissing him hardly and taking his shirt away. Kyuhyun sat on the floor, one hand in Ryeowook's naked back and other in Sungmin's covered one.

"Hyungs are so gorgeous together..." Kyuhyun was saying while Sungmin's mouth was traveling in Ryeowook's jaw and then to his neck. Kyuhyun took the opportunity to go behind Sungmin and to start sucking the other's soft back. Sungmin was moaning in Ryeowook's chest with Kyuhyun's mouth just a little above of his pants while Ryeowook was lying in the floor, his hyung's mouth lowering more untill reach in his pants where Sungmin took off at the same time that Kyuhyun did the same with his.

Sungmin felt the cold air in his arousal, moaning above Ryeowook's groin, soon that Kyuhyun took his underwear off. The older of the three also took off Ryeowook's underwear and licked all the extention of eternal magnae's arousal while putting his butt up to Kyuhyun who was pressing his clothed hardness against Sungmin.

Ryeowook's moans went louder when Sungmin sucked hardly his tip then pushing himself to Kyuhyun. The younger urgently took his pants and underwear off just pressing himself once again in Sungmin feeling delight by the friction, but his fingers didn't stay still, they went down in Sungmin's behind and suddenly the touched man filled his mouth with all of Ryeowook when he felt those long fingers inside of him.

The hot moans of Sungmin entered in shock with Ryeowook's hardness inside his mouth making this last to moan loud and let a little of pre cum in the sweet mouth around him. Sungmin pushed himself in Kyuhyun trying to be more filled and to feel more friction between both, and, at the same time, deepened Ryeowook in his mouth. Taking his fingers off Sungmin, Kyuhyun didn't take more time to put the tip of his arousal inside Sungmin making the last to shut his mouth with Ryeowook inside.

"Mi-Minnie... Hot..." Ryeowook was moaning trying to thrust himself in Sungmin's mouth wanting more friction while Sungmin was slowly being filled by Kyuhyun. The older left his mouth follow the thrusts behind him and as they went faster, his mouth ran equally fast in Ryeowook's hardness.

"You are so... Tight... Oh..." Kyuhyun was almost screaming, his moans filling the room together with Ryeowook's.

When Kyuhyun thrusted hard again in Sungmin, he hit the older's spot making it to send vibrations from Sungmin's mouth to Ryeowook.

"Mi-Minnie... I want you inside..." Ryeowook said feeling hard to breathe. Without none Sungmin's word, Ryeowook took off the other's mouth of him and lowered in Sungmin's body, that one letting little moans as Kyuhyun was still thrusting him. Ryeowook took a hand of Sungmin and put in his mouth sucking and licking it. "Please..."

Sungmin smiled a little and, after taking his finger off from eternal magnae's mouth, he kissed him distracting him while his wet finger traveled to Ryeowook's entry making this one to stop to kiss his hyung, who was still being thrusted, to form a little "o" with his mouth. After a couple of more thrusts in Ryeowook, Sungmin took his fingers off and the young man put his legs around Sungmin and Kyuhyun's hips rising his own making Sungmin's arousal entering completely in him. Sungmin tried hardly to not collapse in the middle of all that action around him, luck his that all the movement that Kyuhyun was making on him was moving himself inside Ryeowook. Still like this, Sungmin hit the spot of Ryeowook and that one rose his hip more wanting more of that feeling.

The thrust were slow, but it was completely full of power making soon Sungmin to come first inside Ryeowook letting his entry tighter around Kyuhyun's arousal making that one to come too. They separated their bodies lying on the floor, one in each side of Ryeowook, but Ryeowook was moaning asking for more as he didn't get his relieve yet.

"Hyung and Hyunnie... I was so... close and..." but then his complaints were swallowed by Sungmin's mouth, who pulled younger's face close and then his hand went down in Ryeowook's forgot arousal and started to pump it. But as it wasn't enough, Kyuhyun also turned to Ryeowook and while he was kissing his white jaw, his finger traveled lower and entered in Ryeowook's entry. The eternal magnae gasped in Sungmin's mouth at the both feeling and didn't take longer to release in Sungmin's hand. "T-Thanks..." he muttered after Sungmin's mouth left his own.

They separated again and just then Ryeowook and Sungmin hugged themselves when a loud thunder was hear outside the room. Kyuhyun laughed quietly just staring at the ceiling.

"You two are so silly, the rain was going on all the time and you didn't notice it before." the younger said now looking to the scared faces of his hyungs. "Ok. I remove what I said because you two look so gorgeous when you are like this." he said approaching to his hyungs.

"Just because you kept up with us..." Ryeowook said joining Kyuhyun to their embrace.

"And you are gorgeous protecting us too." Sungmin said putting his arm around Kyuhyun.

"What do you think in one more round?" Kyuhyun asked with malicious eyes to them.

"We need to wake up early..." Ryeowook started, but stopped when also noticed Sungmin's expression.

"Do you really think that they aren't doing the same?" the older said smiling.


omg, i think that i failed in this e___e i wrote it in the middle of preparations of a 15 birthday of a friend of my and D:
but I hope you liked; comments~~ ^-^
Tags: !birthday fic, !challenge fic, !genre: smut, !ot3, !ot3: kyuwookmin
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