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[Fanfiction] I Need Your Attention

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I Need Your Attention
Theme: 074. Flu Season, Shindong/Ryeowook
Author: polari_s
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook
Raiting: PG, just little kisses
Genre: fluffy, comedy
Summary: Yesung is needed of attention, of Ryeowook's attention, and he doesn't care to be sick to get this.


After a couple of SME got the swine flu, a representative said that one more singer got the H1N1 virus.

"After show high fever, Shindong of Super Junior group, went to the hospital and the test of the flu got positive. He is now resting in Super Junior's dorm. All of the other's 14 tests got negative for the virus."

It looks like all the celebrities needs to take care for now.

"Shindong shi" was the little sound of Ryeowook's voice waking up Shindong. "I brought you some soup."

"Ryeowook ah! Stay away! I'm sick and you can also be!" Shindong yelled sitting in the bed.

"I'm wearing a mascara hyung. You don't need to be afraid. Let me take care of you." Ryeowook said leading a spoon to the older's mouth.

"Thanks Ryeowook." Shindong said accepting the spoon and feeling more warm with the hot food.

"I'll always take care of all you." Ryeowook said and even with the mascara, it could see his smile.

"I'm thankful for this Ryeowook." Shindong whispered eating more.

"Ryeowook!" someone called.

"Can you finish it Shindong?" Ryeowook asked worried with the one calling.

"Of course Ryeowook, go there." Shindong said taking the soup in Ryeowook's hand and eating it.

The younger man left Shindong's room and went straight to the TV room where only Yesung was sitting in the floor. The others members all had something to do.

"Why did you call me?" Ryeowook asked with his hands in his hips looking a little angry to Yesung.

"Take care of me too." Yesung asked looking as if he would cry.

"But you aren't sick hyung." the younger said tired.

"But... I want your attention too." Yesung whispered looking to the floor making a little circles in it.

"When you get sick I will take care of you and give all your needed attention." Ryeowook said leaving Yesung and walking to the kitchen. He didn't think of how this sentece would get his live worst.


"Yesung?!?!?!?!?!" Ryeowook almost run to Shindong's room, where the shout came, and got surprised to see Yesung hugging Shindong.

"What are you doing here Yesung?" Ryeowook yelled and ran to take Yesung away of the sick Shindong.

"I want the flu." Yesung whispered looking to the floor while Ryeowook led him to the TV room with Kyuhyun and Sungmin couple watching TV.

"You really don't want to have the flu hyung." Sungmin said without take his eyes of the TV.


"Why do you think that you and Eeteuk needed to take Jonghyun and Onew's place when they were sick?" Kyuhyun said passing a arm in Sungmin's shoulder.


"No buts Yesung." Ryeowook said angrily to Yesung. "I do not want that you get sick and let me worried with you."

"Ok..." Yesung whispered walking to his bedroom while looking to the ground.


In the other day Yesung woke up with a strong headache and he felt so much cold that he wrapped himself in the blanket shaking his body. It couldn't, he couldn't get Shindong's flu just hugging him. Ok that he also took his pillow and breathing in and out trying to get the virus and also licked all the cup of juice in Shindong's desk, but, the virus couldn't already make him like this just a night after.

"Yesung! Wake up!" Ryeowook screamed a little away.

"Don't scream." Yesung whispered putting only his head out of the blanket looking to Ryeowook in the door.

"Why?" Ryeowook asked getting close with a worried expression.

"My head is in pain." the older said closing his eyes almost crying.

"Stop with those jokes, you are not sick Yesung!" Ryeowook said a little angry then putting his hand in Yesung's forehead. "OH MY GOD! You are burning!" he screamed.

"Please, do not scream..."

"Come, come, we need to take you to the hospital!" Ryeowook continued to scream in Yesung's side making the older's head hurt more. "Hyungs! We need to take Yesung to the hospital!"

Yesung got alone in room while Ryeowook called everyone and made all them wear mascaras. The now sick man was happy to get alone in the room and that he finally would get all Ryeowook's attention, but when he got in the hospital he wanted to died as he was feeling completely tired with his head still hurting and feeling cold.

Some tests were made and Yesung's got positive to the swine flu. Ryeowook was hugging Yesung while they all were listening to the doctor. But then Yesung felt Ryeowook's body hotter against his, and it wasn't in a sexy way.

"Ryeowook? Are you feeling good?" Yesung asked looking to him.

"I'm a little dizzy, that's all." the younger said still looking to the doctor listening to all.

"But you are hot." the older said feeling putting his hand in Ryeowook's forehead. "Doctor, I think that he is having fever too."

"Let's check it." the doctor said putting a thermometer in his mouth. All the others members there cheked themselves and then some doctors put them out of the waiting room that was now with just Ryeowook and Yesung.

"If I get sick, I will kill you." Ryeowook whispered menacingly when the doctor took the thermometer off.

"I think that you got too much close to your sick friend."

Ryeowook's eyes burned in Yesung.



After the seventh case of H1N1 in SM groups, It was known that Yesung and Ryeowook of idol group Super Junior, also got the flu. ELFs are getting angry to the carelessness to their singers.

"Sorry Ryeowook." Yesung whispered looking to Ryeowook who was lay in his bed in the other side of their shared room.

"Don't talk to me." came the angry shout while Ryeowook turned his back to Yesung.

"But..." Yesung said and then rose of the bed and lay in Ryeowook's hugging him. "I didn't want that you also got the flu."

"But you passed it to me."

"But I just wanted that you cared of me." Yesung said shy.

"I wasn't caring enough when I was worried that you could get the flu?" Ryeowook asked turning to look Yesung's face.

"Well..." Yesung got all red. "I didn't think in that way."

"And I would take care of you now hyung, if you didn't pass to me this." Ryeowook said kissing lightly Yesung's lips.

"It was you that stayed too much time close to me." Yesung whispered smiling and taking a kiss in Ryeowook's lips.

"So now..."

"I came with your soup!" Sungmin said behind the mascara entering in the Ryeowook and Yesung's room holding two dishes.

"Thanks hyung." Ryeowook said sitting in the bed taking a dish to him.

"Yes, thanks Sungmin." Yesung said doing as Ryeowook.

"I'm just taking Ryeowook's place to take care of Super Junior's members as he is sick." Sungmin said obviously smiling.

"Sungmin!" came the obviously yell of Kyuhyun.

"Oh, I don't know what Kyuhyun is having. I hope that you enjoy the pumpkin soup." Sungmin said then leaving the two and going to the TV room.

"Soon they will get the flu too." Ryeowook said laughing.

"Of course. Kyuhyun is desperate."


We are getting a little tired now also as the SM representative when he said the new victims of H1N1.

"We are making all that we can to don't let this flu spread, but Sungmin and Kyuhyun of Super Junior also got the H1N1 virus. They are resting for now."

After this announcement, some ELFs left instant soup in their apartment and a letter to they take good care of them.


AN: I will feel terrible if a true breaking news come saying that they got sick after this fiction e_e
Tags: !challenge fic, !genre: comedy, !genre: fluffy, !pairing: yewook
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